Sleep Better and Healthier with Pillo1

Have trouble sleeping or do you regularly wake up with back and neck pain? Instead of heading to a chiropractor, your problem may simply lie with the pillow that you choose to sleep on each night.


We recommend PILLO1, a unique sleeping pillow that is designed not only for comfort but for the support needed to protect your neck and spine while you sleep. From headaches and stiff necks associated with acute neck problems, this unique eco-luxe pillow will reduce pressure on your spine and increase your ability to have a good night’s sleep. 


We put the pillow to the test to see if we had a better night’s sleep after just one night. This therapeutic pillow kept our spine aligned and we awoke feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The soft foam is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. There are three different sizes available that you should select based on your height, including small (4’-5’2”), standard (5’3”-6’2”) and large for over 6’3”.


The custom designed pillow was designed by a spine-specialist doctor to promote the correct posture of the spine while you sleep and improve respiration and circulation. The unique center head cradle design promotes perfect posture, reduces stress on your head, neck and shoulders and helps to improve sleep.


For black sleepers, start by lying on your back with your head cradled in the center portion with your neck supported by your chosen contour, gentle or firm. If you sleep on your side, simply roll onto your left or right side and place your head on the side panel with your shoulder fitting into the shoulder cut-out.


Whether you are a back or side sleeper, this pillow will change your sleep patterns into a healthier night’s rest.


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Kellie Speed

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