Source Digital’s New Patent Revolutionizes In Video Advertising, Making a Video Worth a Million Words

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There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. In today’s digital age, a video can be worth a million. People love to watch videos, but they don’t love to be interrupted with ads while they do it. One company, Source Digital, is revolutionizing consumer engagement around video and has now entered a new milestone within its patent portfolio. While Source was already on the forefront of seamless and immersive interactions within video, including making video shoppable, this new patent recognizes Source’s capabilities to achieve a hyper targeted and personalized experience for consumption of information from within and around video. By applying methods and strategies similar to the level of information personalization currently being achieved in some of the world’s largest search and social media platforms, Source brings this into moments in video.

“In order for video to be competitive with other consumer engagement marketing mediums, it all boils down to extending its value proposition to user engagement in moments in video,” explains Hank Frecon, the chief executive officer of Source Digital. “However, in order for those moments to be valuable they have to become personal to the end user and this means to satisfy the consumers quest for information on demand.”

This new patent titled Media Environment Driven Content Distribution Platform, number 10,951,935, protects Source claims around delivering hyper personalized viewing experiences to the end user, by allowing for the extension of information ranging from items on screen like characters or a person’s location, onset items, music. It also includes contextually related information like ancillary media, and recognizes conditions in the end users environment ranging from their location to their moods and the devices they are using. It combines any combination of these points in order to present the user with a relevant intersection of information in the moment, in a way that makes that information relevant and valuable to that particular end user.  Then, through both human and machine learning techniques, users can achieve information look ups, perform transactional activities through content (like storefront models), or engage with brands and advertisers, then share with other social platforms in real time. The ancillary data within and around the video, may be channelized so that each channel can be brokered independently of another for intersections with varying apps, like Google Maps, popular e-commerce apps, IMDB, or virtually any information dependent consumer app. Finally, the methods and systems allow for advanced data analytics to be collected and aggregated around these activities.

The patents application has been designed to be used across different segments, including sports, entertainment, news, and more. It can also be used for streaming, radio, broadcasting, and other types of video platforms. The targeted experience that the platform provides greatly increases user engagement, and helps to create more loyal customers. By gaining a better understanding of who is watching the video, the platform is able to provide a deeper level of engagement. This is the company’s 8th granted patent. 

“The dominate form of revenue around entertainment media continues to be driven by advertising, but without improving user engagement, it’s difficult to compete against other more engagement rich mediums like social,” added Frecon. “Our new platform addresses this and is going to revolutionize the video advertising field through this intersection. We are excited to unveil it and show advertisers how it can help them with their goals, and how it improves the collective experience.”

The new platform solves challenges that have existed when it comes to creating, managing, and delivering engagements. It helps to highly target experiences, which is the direction that the industry as a whole is headed. Consumers have become fatigued to the way video advertising has been being done, and this new platform will transform the experience for viewers and marketers alike. 

Source Digital has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies to help create a more engaging and effective video advertising experience. To learn more about Source Digital, visit:


Photo courtesy of Source Digital, Inc.

Photo courtesy of Source Digital, Inc. 

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