Spend The Night in an Ancient Italian Cave


Are you looking for a unique getaway full of history and character? The ancient town of Matera in southern Italy might be the place for you. Matera is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the entire world. It is home to complex cave dwellings that have been carved into the mountainside hundreds of years ago. One breathtaking hotel, le Grotte Della Civita, has transformed the old caves into beautiful rooms. They have retained the integrity of the existing architecture but added many luxurious amenities to ensure comfort. The hotel has 18 rooms, each exceptional in their own way, and a common area that used to be a church. You have the choice of a Classic Room, a Superior Room, a Suite or an Executive Suite. Although the building has been renovated, all of the walls and floors are still original stone. It was very important to the architects to preserve the original features of the building and local heritage of the area. The staff has plenty of activities to recommend for your stay as well. Private cooking classes, excursions to the sea, archaeological tours and spa treatments are just a few of the things this amazing town has to offer. This vacation spot is sure to give you an authentic experience and interesting look into centuries of history.




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