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Orissa Tribal Man

November is well and truely upon us and the elusive sun greets us less and less as we creep further into the darkness of winter. To remedy this absence of sunshine, here at Black Tomato we've been seeking solace in the traditions of these sun worshipping indigenous tribes from around the world. Here is some inspiration to get you in a mood for a sun dance.

Orissa Tribes of India

Orissa in India is home to the tribal region of Mayurbhanj. According to the indigenous tribes here, the Sun is omnipotent. He is the creator and the father. Different tribal clans worship the Sun God with different names. The Santalese name him ‘Thakur Jew’and the Mankadia and Oraon worship him as ‘Bhagaban’.

The Hulis of Papau New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is home to hundreds of indigenous tribes. One of the most fascinating, and welcoming, are the Hulis, who don short skirts, traditional feather wigs and colourful face paint every day. In Papua New Guinea natives worship a Sun-God in the form of a giant stone altar, carved in the shape of a snake called ‘Uruan’.

The Aborigines of Australia

For the Aborigines of Australia, the Earth and everything was asleep until Dreamtime, when life erupted. The sun burst forth and warmed the Earth, bringing more life to waterholes. Then the Ancestors gave birth to their children, which made up all living things from plants to animals.

The Bunan of Taiwan

The Bunan tribe place mystical value on the Sun. The Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan is shrouded in their myths and legends, centuries old. The magical sun seems to glistens over this beautiful still lake everyday.

Great Plaines Tribes of North America

The Great Plaines tribes of North America perform their traditional Sun Dance once a year in the summer months. Native American tribes have been practicing Sun Dances for many generations, each tribe has its own story as to the origins of this marvellous dance.

The Hulis of Papua New Guinea
Australian Aborigine
The Bunan Tribe of Taiwan
Great Plaines Tribes of North America

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