The Glamor in Details: Elevating Wedding Decor to a Luxe Level


Wedding decor glamor hits new heights in 2024, with trends derived from interior design, culture, and even the heavens themselves. This is the year of excess, curvy postmodern shapes, and celestial touches that draw down the moon. Let’s look at how you can translate these trends into the luxe style you desire for your wedding celebration, putting your personal imprint on what’s happening right now!

More Glamor! Maximalist Wedding Decor

Mounting a challenge to minimalism’s starkness and spareness, the “more is more” approach of maximalism is lushly luxe and unabashedly glamorous. And there’s nothing more glamorous than excess!

Wedding vases stacked with arrangements, and florals that hang, frame, drape, and cascade are a huge part of maximalist wedding decor. Almost sculptural floral treatments add to the lushness of the maximalist approach, creating intricate floral canopies, backdrops, archways, and detailed glamor, even to highlight bar areas.

Intelligent juxtapositions of patterns, colors, and textures are as much a part of maximalist weddings as they are maximalism’s interior decorating impulse. Paisley meets plaid. Bold stripes meet jungle motifs. Patent leather meets sheepskin and ostrich feather.

Maximalist wedding decor pairs opulence with symmetry and balance with excess. Try bold, unexpected color combinations. Mix classic wedding flower selections with monstera leaves. Use lacquer and lighting to create a luxe environment that’s brimming with lush detail. Then, continue the theme for your honeymoon, jetting off on a luxuriously glamorous escape to a tropical destination. Is “too much” ever enough?

Curvalicious Sensuality

Shapes unbound by the status quo are surging in interior design and now, they make their way to the wedding space. This trend to the non-traditional in both culture and design has arrived in wedding decor this year in the guise of curvy, squiggly defiance of obstinately straight lines.

The curve has manifested itself in wedding decor with vaguely defined shapes applied to items like flower arches, ceiling treatments, table settings, and other decorative elements. The curve of post-modern design is even changing the way the happy couple walks down the aisle. Curves are seen in seating arrangements and the seating itself, redefining tradition with organic shapes.

Try a curved pathway to the altar or wedding bower lined with exuberant flowers, artfully arranged along the wavy way. Add low, curved seating to round tables for your reception. “Blob” is back, so blob-look decor pieces like candle holders find a home here, as well as pastel colors, punctuated by flashes of primary hues. A squiggly pastel border around your wedding wayfinder signage is another hot idea to add this glam trend to your big day!

Celestial Luxe


Celestial wedding decor is surging this year. But this decor choice can go two different ways. Let’s look at the possibilities!

Celestial Spirituality

Intimating that your union is “written in the stars”, the thematic possibilities of the celestial wedding are endless. Clever celestial poetry printed on favors and napkins adds chic detail. Crescent moons and stars dangling from the ceiling among the celestial lighting add luxe romance.

Add even more to your theme with professional astrological charts for your wedding party’s favors bags. Get mystically glam with this choice for a celestial wedding decor theme, using silver, blue, indigo, and white to create a stylized vision of the night sky.

Dust the ceiling with stars, using a projection lamp. Dress your table tops in spherical moon lamps as centerpieces, surrounded by silver candle holders. Catch the glow of the lamp and candles on a table dressed with silver metallic settings on a ground of mystical indigo.

Art Deco Celestial

Resurrect the mad elegance of Gatsby, turning your venue and your wedding party out in classic Art Deco style. For optimal effect, choose an art deco building for both your ceremony and reception.

The two hottest colors for weddings this year are periwinkle and lavender, so why not infuse them into your Art Deco celestial wedding? Add chrome highlights to table settings in chargers and plates. Punctuate the look with silver candelabras attended by masses of white, blue, and pastel blooms.

Camelias, calla lilies, and lavender were all favored flowers in the 1920s. And if you’re lucky enough to wed in spring, add the sweet scent of fresh lilacs for a sentimental touch that highlights one of the year’s highly favored colors. The elegance of your theme takes your wedding decor to a distinct design moment in time, so embrace its streamlined beauty for a sleek, luxe wedding decor look.

Bold, Glamorous Color

The keywords for wedding decor colors this year are “bold” and “unexpected”. Whatever colors you choose, the idea is to break the mold. This year, color-blocking is making an appearance in wedding decor, juxtaposing colors like orange against unusual partners like periwinkle or Mayan blue.

While it’s true there are favored colors for weddings this year, the message is to push the boundaries and express yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you which colors to choose. Because this is the year you can say it with glorious color any way you like!

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