The Newest Faces of Luxury Brands Aren’t on the Red Carpet. They’re on Instagram.

When Marc Jacobs needed fresh faces for its Fall 2014 campaign, the forward-thinking fashion brand didn’t look to modeling agencies. Instead, it took to Instagram, calling on fans of its slouchy SoHo style to post stylish selfies. The organic effort landed the brand nine new models, and more importantly, thousands of new fans.

Brands like Chanel and Salvatore Ferragamo have adopted similar strategies, approaching top bloggers to sport their looks outside the editorial perfection of a magazine. Both of these brands have collaborated with Chiara Ferragni, the mega-influencer behind The Blonde Salad who just six years ago was barely known outside her native Italy. Now, with 3 million followers on Instagram alone, Chiara is more sought-after than some film and TV celebrities. Call her the first ‘Super Influencer.’  Many contribute the success of model Cara Delavigne as much to her relatable Instagram persona as her defined cheekbones and trademark eyebrows. 

Tracie Silberberg

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