The TESLA SpaceX Model Is A Hypercar Concept With Rocket Thrusters And Boosters

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The Cybertruck’s delay to 2023, has somewhat marred Elon Musk’s reputation when it comes to launching dates.

However, Tesla’s announcement of the Semi Truck’s arrival before 2022 ends gives us hope that more surprises might be on the way. For the time being, a German automotive designer shares a cool concept he calls the SpaceX Model.

Maximilian Schneider shares an awesome take on what a future hypercar platform from Tesla might look like. As the name implies, this concept fuses a high-performance vehicle with a rocket. Since the Roadster’s arrival is still up in the air, we’ll gladly take the SpaceX Model instead.

If only this was the real deal, demand will be through the roof. Now that our expectations are in check, let’s find out what this bad boy is all about.

From an aesthetic perspective, this machine resembles your typical racer. The marque’s badge is only visible on the short hood and the SpaceX branding on the front bumper.

The aerodynamic outline of its body is on point, while the cockpit is covered by a heavy-duty canopy akin to that of a fighter jet. Meanwhile, it seems the emission-free ethos of Tesla is no longer applicable here given its configuration.

Although the SpaceX Model concept is packing an all-electric drivetrain, there are two massive rocket boosters at the rear and thrusters above each wheel.

Upward-firing units are integrated on the front and rear to aid the vehicle’s driving dynamics. Furthermore, it should also provide additional downforce to keep the SpaceX Model firmly planted while you push it to the absolute limit.

Schneider says there is a street-legal and track-only version. The former can reach speeds of up to 290 mph, while the latter can supposedly hit 327 mph.


Images courtesy of Maximilian Schneider

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