This Designer Transformed Old Beads into Chic New Earrings

This new and popular jewelry brand began accidentally during a rainy day in New York. Christina Tung, the creator of this line, was bored and decided to string some beads together to create a funky earring. The piece included different colorful stones strung together with a gold wire. Her design quickly caught the attention of people all over the world. The earring line features a mix of semi-precious stones and found beads. They are sold individually or as a pair and order is one-of-a-kind. The name of her brand, SVNR (pronounced souvenir), is meant to pay homage to previous travels. Each design is named after a specific destination, like Positano or Shanghai. The color and mixture of the beads used in each design are specific to the location as well. Tung chose colors that distinctly reminded her of the cities she went to.

The brand is rooted in sustainability. Tung strongly believes in upcycling or giving old items a second life. She incorporates used beads, old denim and other repurposed materials into her business. She aimed to create an accessory that was timeless and could withstand multiple seasons. The earrings are vibrant, unique, and can be worn year-round.




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