Time & Place Re-Launches With More Glamorous Locations and Custom Services

BROOMFIELD, COLORADO – Time & Place today unveiled its refreshed concierge vacation rental service, just in time for an unforgettable summer vacation. As the industry founder, Time & Place offers new destinations, highly personalized services, and more exclusive experiences.


Homes are luxurious and paired to one’s personality and interests. Relax next door to Taylor Swift in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Stay in our chic penthouse apartment in Buenos Aires if polo or shopping for fashion or antiques is your idea of a cultured weekend. If phenomenal volcanic views and cool cavernous interiors are more enticing, guests can stay in the perfect hide-away, transformed from a working bakery, in Santorini, Italy.


Beyond sumptuous homes in gorgeous locales, Time & Place guests enjoy truly remarkable moments. For some, it's elite access to the Cannes Film Festival and behind-the-scenes tours at the finest Paris chocolate housesOthers will love creating a signature drink with our Los Angeles concierge who offers a pre-hours mixology demonstration before whisking guests away to a chic club. Time & Place has bolstered personalized vacations to an experience that guests feel utterly compelled to share with their friends.

Founder and president Mitch Willey explains, “Today, vacations are as much about personalization as they are about unplugging. Our relaunch takes the concept of the personal touch to the next level by perfecting the art of travelling comfortably, without the nuisance of planning.”


A decade ago, Time & Place pioneered the unique experience of a stay curated by a personal concierge. Since then, the vacation landscape has changed. Today, an overload of information from television, mobile apps, and online research gives travelers an abundance of choices, but no clear path. Time & Place gives a modern reprieve with its expert local concierges.


With significant investment capital from Club Holdings, Inc., Time & Place is growing to over 200 properties in 35 locations by the end of 2013 – providing breathtaking vacation rentals in the U.S. and around the world includingFrance, Greece, Italy, Mexico, St. Martin and Argentina, among others.


About Time & Place: 

For the past twelve years, Time & Place has provided luxury vacation rentals across Europe and the Americas. Guests enjoy extremely elegant properties without the hassles of hotel check-ins or long-term lease agreements. Time & Place requires no membership, and our concierges are chosen for their ability to deliver exclusive access and ultimate experiences. For discriminating travelers, Time & Place always provides a unique vacation experience. 


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