Tips for your luxurious UK fishing weekend

Enjoying the stillness of the riverbed, or the gentle lap of the tide against your boat, taking a gourmet lunch by the side of the lake before heading back to your private cabin in the 4x4; it doesn't take a genius to work out why this sounds like the holiday most anglers dream about.

The UK has some prime fishing waters both inland and off-shore, and there's plenty of potential for a luxury break out in the Scottish Highlands or the south-western shores of England. But what do you need to pack to enjoy the full experience of a British fishing expedition?

Fishing equipment

First and most obvious is your fishing gear. Though some high-end packages provide equipment, seasoned anglers will want to bring their own. Single-piece fishing rods usually rate highest where sensitivity's concerned, but you might want to invest in a multi-section rod if you're catching a flight to the UK, as it will be easier to pack and fit within any baggage restrictions. Beyond this, your choice of fishing rods depends on the type of fishing you'll be doing.

If it's a deep sea venture, for example, you'll need a rod strong enough to withstand the choppy waters of the English Channel and the larger catch, such as tuna or swordfish. Conversely, if you're just going for a few days of trout fishing in Scottish rivers, you can get away with something lighter, such as the ESP series Spinning Rods which are also suitable for use in fast-flowing streams. If you'll be indulging in salt and freshwater angling while you're away, go for a combo rod.

Make sure you match the type of hooks you're carrying to the fish you're expecting to find and always bring both spare hooks and extra line in case you run out. And while every angler has their favourite bait, you're on vacation so why not try adding a couple of more elaborate lures to your kit, along with the worms? You never know when you might need to pull in that 100lb catfish.

Things to remember

In general, you'll need to protect yourself against the elements on a UK fishing trip, even with all the amenities of a luxury stay. River-fishing often requires some wading so include old clothes and shoes in the suitcase and save your smarter gear for the hotel.

Additionally, waterproof gloves are a must for both continual contact with water and insulating against the sometimes harsh British weather. Finally, don't forget the insect repellent! Not just for the Highlands, this is an essential bit of kit for any holiday where you'll be spending time at the water's edge.


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