Tips to Kick ‘Move More Month’ Into Gear and Become More Physically Active

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April is an exciting time to be physically active. Not only is it National Move More Month, but April 18th is also National Exercise Day. With summer just around the corner and Americans falling short of getting enough physical activity, it's always a good time to put it in the spotlight and provide people with simple ways to boost their activity levels.

“If you are someone who isn't physically active, you may frown at the thought of taking on a lot of activity at once,” explains Jennifer Scherer, medical exercise specialist, certified personal trainer, and owner of Fredericksburg Fitness Studio. “The good news is that you don't have to. You can do many smaller things throughout the week that can add up and give your body a good boost."

Most people need more exercise, despite the mounds of research that show the many health benefits of doing so. According to the U.S. Department of Health, adults should aim to exercise at least 150 minutes and up to 300 minutes per week at a moderate intensity level or a minimum of 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity.  

The government also reports additional benefits once you go beyond those minimums that everyone should aim to meet each week. In addition to the aerobic activity minutes, they recommend at least two days per week, including muscle strength training exercises targeting all the major muscle groups.  

Knowing what is needed isn't always the motivation to get into gear and start being more physically active. Doing small things can initiate healthy habits and increase activity levels overall. Here are 10 ways to try and be more active throughout the week:

Set a reminder on the phone to get up and walk for 5 minutes every 2 hours. This is especially important for those who work at a desk all day.

Park in the back row when you go out shopping. The extra steps to get in and out of the store will add up quickly.

Plank a day! Wake up, and plank for a minute. Getting in the habit of doing that will start the day off right.

Invest in a stand-up desk, which will help burn more calories and keep you from sitting all day.

Do five-minute wind-down mobility exercises before bed (i.e., arm circles, hip circles, touch toes, chest openers).

Pick a new location to explore every month, either through biking, walking, running, or hiking. This will give you something to do as you explore new areas and you will get exercise.

Set a monthly challenge to get 10,000 steps every day. Research shows you only need around 7,500 to gain significant health benefits, so start the goal small and work up.

Try a mobility yoga routine after work each day. This will keep you feeling more energetic, moving, and improve flexibility.

Commit to 10 minutes of walking and stretching each morning. That is a little time, but it will make a big difference throughout the week.

Take the stairs in buildings that have elevators. Use them as an opportunity to get more activity in during the day.

“It's important to be intentional with getting exercise and being physically active," added Scherer. "If you don't, it can creep up on you and cause many health problems. Now is the time to make it a priority."

The team of professionals at Fredericksburg Fitness Studio, where they offer private personal training, have degrees and certifications. They are trained to help people improve health and wellness, including medical exercise, personal training, in-home medical training, virtual personal training, nutrition coaching, and a Pilates reformer program. All workouts on it are custom-tailored for the individual to address their physical fitness concerns. The Pilates Reformer program features a versatile machine designed to provide resistance. It can be used when standing, sitting, or lying down. 

Fredericksburg Fitness Studio doesn't offer memberships as other gyms do. They offer private customized fitness programs that are available by appointment. Many people who go to the studio are referrals from physical therapists and doctors. The wellness professionals at the studio communicate with the medical teams to keep them up to date on patient progress. To learn more about Fredericksburg Fitness Studio, visit the site:

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