Top 8 Foolproof Tricks for Not Embarrassing Yourself in a Foreign Language

It is common for people travelling abroad to get embarrassed by speaking a foreign language in a wrong way. Many people take help from the Hokey Pokey esque gyrations and sign language to get directions to the bathroom or to look for the best souvenir in a shop. Learning a foreign language and mastering it is neither easy nor feasible, especially if you are on a short holiday trip. However, you still need to know a little about the language of the destination you are visiting in order to avoid embarrassment.

Making language errors in a foreign country is inevitable, but there are ways you can easily navigate a holiday without getting lost into foreign language translations. Follow the easy steps below and you can save yourself from embarrassment again.

1.       Etiquettes

Good manners are the key. It can be used as a universal language in any corner of the world. Just learn the basics such as greeting, or saying thank you and welcome if you want people to treat you graciously. Thus, do not forget to do a little research about etiquette expectations of a particular country before you visit. You can also research on the internet to look for quick guides for different languages including the audio clips for better pronunciation.

2.       Five Phrases That You Must Learn

There are five basic phrases that are essential to learn when you hit a foreign country. These are: “Where is the bathroom?” “What is the price?” “Excuse Me!” “The food is great!” and “Do you speak English?” When you pick up a new language, you can’t focus on the grammar. All you should do is to learn the basic phrases so at least you are able to communicate about the basic things to people. To keep it simple, write down the phrase on a tiny notebook and carry it with you. You can even choose to download a digital version in order to pronounce it right.

3.       Importance of Pronunciation

It is always advisable that you listen to the words for the right pronunciation before you dare to say it. Pronunciation is also important because this way you will be able to convey your message to the native in a better and much faster way.

4.       Tips to Remember Words

There are two tricks that can actually help you memorize words. First, visualize them, and second, set phrases to tune. For people who are forgetful, it is not for them to get a grip on a completely new language at once. You can associate the words with a similar word in your language and then remember it through a visual image. Although visual images are often bizarre, they can help you recall the word instantly. On the other hand, music has also proved to a world class aid for memory.

5.       Technological Advancements

Indeed, technology can greatly help you learn a new language and use it appropriately. You can set various applications in your phone that can provide you with instant translation, even when it is offline. Some applications respond to voice as well. Just speak the phrase and you will have a foreign language translation written for you.

6.       Time

A new language cannot be learnt at the last moment. If you have pre-planned for a foreign holiday, make sure you invest some time to learn the basics of the new language. The more time you invest into learning the language, the faster you will be able to learn.  If you are visiting a foreign country for your stag weekend, make sure you give proper time to learning the words related to the subject as much as you can.

7.       Pre-Preparations

Now that you have already started learning a new language, do not fail to remember it. Speak it as much as you can and with the people you will be travelling with to the new destination. This way, even they get to learn some new basic words.

8.       Professional Approach

In rare cases when such DIY approaches fail, you can always consult the desk clerk at the hotel for phonetic pronunciations or translations of words or phrases you may need to communicate that day. For example, asking the time for a particular show. Hotel staff usually speaks more than one language and are always ready to help.

A little research beforehand will help you save yourself from the embarrassment of speaking wrong foreign language in front of natives. 

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