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With several thousand cars in the market right now, the struggle to get the right one is real. Finding a perfect vehicle well-suited to your needs is getting more difficult with the influx of brands from across the world.

However, if there is a car you should be setting your eyes on right now, it’s the Kia Seltos. With Kia’s spectacular SUV line-up in the past, the new addition is also worth a shot. Moreover, the increasingly positive Kia Seltos reviews on every platform are further proof of what the vehicle is capable of.

The best thing about the range of vehicles launched by Kia is that there’s something for everybody. There are several vehicles with top-notch features based on the amount you’re willing to invest.

Moreover, this new addition to Kia’s chain of SUVs is much taller and roomier than its older counterparts. If you’re a car enthusiast searching for the best vehicle in the market right now, don’t stop reading yet because we have many reasons that will surely change your mind.

Surprisingly big space for storage

One of the biggest reasons why the latest Kia Seltos is making rounds all over the market right now is because of its exceptional storage space. Not only this, but the vehicle also has great cargo capacity.

Just by lowering the car’s rear seats, you will be able to get even more storage space to keep extra items. This is why the Kia Seltos is a reasonable choice for almost everyone, whether they would like to store groceries or sports equipment.

Reasonable prices

How many times have you come across vehicles that had everything you needed and were also affordable? We bet none. However, the Kia Seltos has a starting price not many competitors can beat. Since pricing is one of the most important determinants for purchasing a vehicle, the company has made sure to keep it within a range affordable for everyone. Somewhere between $25,000 and $40,000, the price range of the vehicle has attracted a good amount of attention from all types of consumers.

Exquisite appearance

It’s not common to come across vehicles with the perfect price, specs, and appearance. However, the new Kia Seltos fits the requirements of every domain. With its two-toned appearance, the vehicle is setting a standard hard to match for any contestant at the moment. Moreover, it has also earned significant selling points for having an edgy and ultra-modern feel.

You may be wondering how the vehicle’s visual finish is a feature that makes it stand out when there are several others in the market with the same kind of finish. It does so because even if vehicles have a similar appearance, they’re only limited to the premium ones. The distinctive feature of this particular vehicle is that the two-toned finish is present in every model.

Not one, but two options for an engine

While most vehicles are limited to a single-engine, the Kia Seltos gives you an option between two. On one hand, you have the S Turbo, and on the other hand, you have the SX Turbo version. Both options use the engine, which is 1.6-litre turbocharged.

Due to the presence of two incredibly efficient engines, the SUV performs impressively well. What more do you need as a driver when you’re getting superior road performance, storage space, a classic appearance, and two engines, all in one vehicle?

State of the art technology

Even when the new Kia Seltos wasn’t launched, the company had long been known for its top-notch technology and the best infotainment systems in most vehicles. Kia has also made sure that this new vehicle has the best of everything, keeping up with the trend. The package includes voice recognition, Bluetooth, touch screen, smartphone compatibility, and much more.

Cutting edge security features

To further enhance your driving experience, Kia has also incorporated several security features in the vehicle. For example, through the high beam technology, the beams turn on or off automatically depending on the lighting needs.

Moreover, there’s also an automatic system of braking that prevents any collisions with vehicles or pedestrians. To top it off, no drunk driving will be catered, thanks to the warning system inside the vehicle that frequently notifies the driver that they must focus. There are also blind-spot, and cross-traffic monitoring features inside the vehicle.

Unmatched fuel efficiency

SUVs don’t usually seem like the most fuel-efficient cars, but this model of the Kia Seltos is an exception. It offers up to 7.5L/100KM fuel efficiency, which sounds impressive considering that it isn’t hybrid.

For example, if you’re stuck in traffic, it will turn off the engine temporarily, making sure that you don’t waste your precious fuel. To further enhance the performance and efficiency, the vehicle also has an eco-drive mode.

Backseat comfort

Another notable feature of this vehicle is that it provides backseat comfort for passengers, a feature that lacks in many. Sometimes, it’s hard to fit in over five people, even in a car as big as an SUV; however, that isn’t the case with the Kia Seltos. Thanks to the second-row legroom that matches the front legroom, everyone gets to enjoy comfort no matter where they are seated.

Efficient grip

The all-wheel-drive option isn’t something you get to enjoy with every vehicle. Since the Kia Seltos does give you the option to do so, you can have the required grip on it when driving in unfavourable weather conditions. All in all, the vehicle is equipped to deal with any challenges thrown at it.

In conclusion, the new Kia Seltos is one of the most powerful contestants in the market right now. With its sheer adaptability, it has proven to be a great choice for families, sportsmen, and regular individuals alike.

Moreover, with its bold appearance, fuel efficiency, comfort, safety features, storage space, and affordable prices, Kia Seltos has set a benchmark in the automobile industry for many years to come.

Understanding the car’s specs and why they’re high-functioning vehicles will help you decide whether it’s worth the investment or not.




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