Uncommonly Great Gifts for the 2021 Holiday Season

Finally, after what has seemed like an unending upheaval of all that is familiar, the end of 2021 marks the hopeful beginning of a return to normalcy.  Kids are back to school, folks are getting back to the office, travel is on the uptick and everyone has a new respect for disinfecting, well, everything.  Amid a year unlike any other, this holiday season is sure to be one to remember. So, why not mark the occasion with an equally memorable gift that’ll endear and delight? Here are a few savvy ideas to get you started.

***FOR FOODIES*** The Truffleist Truffle Oil and Balsalmic Trio from The Truffleist (

For the occasional home cook or the serious-minded gourmand, there’s nothing better than a little truffle for them to infuse their dishes with. The Truffle oil and Balsalmic Trio mini gift set from the Truffleist will pack a punch and bring extra flavor for those home-cooked creations. This trio includes Truffle Sunflower Oil, Truffle Oil and Truffle Balsamic Vinegar all in convenient two-ounce bottles. This product can travel well and makes a great carry on since its travel size approved, so you can bring decadent truffle wherever you go. This Italian olive oil, infused with Black Summer truffles from Northern Italy, is a versatile product. It is great tossed with popcorn or fries; drizzled over mac and cheese or risotto; to elevate a vinaigrette; or to finish off cooked veggies. There are so many options for these oils that the chef in your life will surely savor. The Truffleist also offers a sampler Trio Mini Gift set with Truffle Salt, Truffle Mustard and Truffle Honey. These one-ounce bottles are convenient for travell, making it easy to bring European truffles and ingredients from the Northeast wherever you go. For those who like heat, The Truffleist offers a Truffle Hot Sauce that was created in partnership with Tango Chile Sauce. This truffle hot sauce can be used as a dipping sauce for fries and chicken wings, drizzled on your favorite foods like avocado toast and nachos, or to top off a Bloody Mary.

The Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle by Brewista (

Stellar for those on your list with the most discriminating taste is The Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle from Brewista, which elevates each coffee, tea or matcha-making experience.  Since 2014, Brewista has come to truly embody products that empower passionate coffee lovers, tea sommeliers and professional baristas, alike. Crafted with quality and precision, Brewista’s Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle lets you master your morning coffee ritual. Its intelligent, in-house design allows for to-the-degree temperature control for that perfectly-brewed bean. And, with its beautiful arched Gooseneck Spout, this distinctively-designed kettle produces a perfect, spill-free water flow control.  Wholly unlock the flavor of your beans or tea leaves with a slower or faster pour.  This superior kitchen tool is designed by coffee professionals, trusted by world-class baristas and made to fit elegantly within the home. From designs like this that put serious thought into the science of brewing, to the elegant finishes that customers are excited to use at home, Brewista products create satisfying experiences. This stylish and easy to control Artisan Kettle is sure to be the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen this holiday season.

NutraMilk Processor and Blender from NutraMilk (

Do you love fresh nut milk, but you don’t love the tedious process of making it at home? Or, perhaps you haven’t tried? Would you—or your gift recipient—prefer nut milk that has no additives or emulsifiers?  Making your own fresh nut milk just got easier with the NutraMilk Nut Processor and Blender. This device is the only patented processor/blender appliance that can produce fresh, ready-to-drink alternative milks, butters, dips, spreads, smoothies and other delicious treats in minutes from virtually any nut, seed, grain, legume and more. NutraMilk’s revolutionary method of making delicious, healthy nut milk from virtually any type of nut makes the once tedious process simple and fast. Traditional methods of making nut milk at home require at least three pieces of equipment and plenty of time for ingredients to be soaked overnight, but with the NutraMilk it’s quick and easy. There’s no overnight soaking, heat, straining, rinsing or mess involved. With NutraMilk, you can make up to two-liters of your favorite nut milk in less than 12 minutes, compared to the hours or days it takes using other methods—all at half the cost. Making favorites such as oat milk and peanut butter at home not only saves money and cuts out unwanted additives, but it also produces virtually zero waste. Unlike any other nut processor, its revolutionary design is patented, BPA free and CETL certified, so you know it’s safe to use right away. The NutraMilk is also primarily made of top-rack dishwasher safe parts, so clean up is a snap! It’s a great kitchen appliance for cooks and chefs and health and fitness-conscious consumers.  

ChefWave LCD Portable Induction Countertop Burner and Frying Pan (

For those adventurous spirits who love hikes, camping, RV trips, boat outings and tailgating, you can now give them a home cooked meal on-the-go. The ChefWave CW-IC01 Portable Induction Cooktop is your own personal cooking station that doesn't require large equipment or needless waste of gas and electricity. With it, you're fully prepared to create dishes you love anywhere you want by just using the right amount of power. This convenient kitchen appliance measures 14”x11.5”x1” and is easy to use on boats, RVs, campsites or at home. Put your electric cooktop on just the right setting easily using the convenient touch panel. It features a built-in 10-hour timer and 20 power settings from 100 watts to 1800 watts or 20 temperature levels from 140 degrees to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. This convenient cooker is compatible with your induction-ready magnetic cookware such as cast aluminum enameled iron/steel, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom or cast iron. It comes with a 10-inch copper frying pan that’s ready to whip out delicious dishes in a flash. Induction burning is a lot more efficient than traditional gas or electric stoves, saving you a big chunk on your next gas or electric bill. It uses 15 amps of electricity, which is standard in any home, so you can just plug in and cook whatever you like. The ChefWave induction cooktop is built to North American standards to comply with all safety requirements. Child safety lock system keeps you and your family safe in case of any accidents and high quality materials ensure top notch durability.

u’Select Manual Salt and Pepper Mill from Peugeot Saveurs ( This holiday season, upgrade the style of your seasoning with these elegant Salt and Pepper Mills from Peugeot Saveurs. If Peugeot is known in the world of the culinary arts, it is first and foremost due to its emblematic Paris pepper mill.  Its Paris u’Select Manual Pepper Mill is certainly alluring with its warm color and comfortable silhouette. With its classic shape and ingenious function, this mill is a natural accompaniment when you are seasoning your meals. Equipped with the u’Select grinding adjustment, patented by Peugeot, it will help you to easily choose the pepper coarseness that best suits the meals that you have planned. Very fine grind will bring out the spice of the pepper, whereas coarser grinding will highlight its aromas.  Available in many sizes and colors, it is appealing with its slender curved shape and ergonomics. Easy to use, this chocolate-finished, manual pepper mill is a practical and functional seasoning instrument. To complement the Pepper Mill, the Peugeot Paris u’Select 40 cm salt mill is also highly impressive in terms of its size and the curves of its lines. Made entirely of wood, its large-capacity reservoir holds dry salt crystals that will be ground at the last moment in the efficient Peugeot mechanism, which comes with a lifetime guarantee. At the top of this mill, a golden knob, engraved with the lion’s head emblem of the Peugeot brand, gives it that extra touch of elegance. The chocolate-finished Paris u’Select manual salt mill is equipped with a patented grinding adjustment system. At the table or in the kitchen, these Paris mills add elegance to any meal.

Baking and Cooking Mat from Grand Fusion Housewares (

Every chef will tell you that a good chef is only as good as his or her tools. Help that special cook in your life be that much better, cooking with much more ease, courtesy of t he Baking and Cooking Mat from Grand Fusion Housewares. This silicone liner features snaps in the corners to let you instantly turn it from a non-stick baking sheet perfect for cookies and more into a leak-proof, high-rimmed tray that’s great for fish, chicken or meat, alike. Just snap the corners together to create a leak- and spill-proof lip that will catch oil and other liquids, keeping your oven clean and mess-free. Built with endurance in mind, the liner is BPA-free and oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It measures 16 inches by 12 inches when flat and 11.5 inches by 7 inches when folded. Either shape provides even heat distribution so it’s great for home-made bread, pizza, chicken wings and anything else you or the chef in your life love to cook or bake at home. This sheet can be used on its own or as a liner—either way, cleaning up is a breeze. Say goodbye to oily pans and touch scrubbing, as the buttoned-up mat lets you easily drain grease away. Its transparent design also allows you to use stencils to pipe or trace any design. Let your star baker shine through and get creative with your dessert baking creations to impress your guests with unique designs and presentations.

Latitude 45 Smoked Salmon (

One of my favorites for holiday entertaining, hostess gifting and healthy seasonal snacking is Latitude 45 Smoked Salmon from the pristine glacial-fed fjords of Patagonia. It’s the only smoked salmon on the market that’s smoked within 24 hours of leaving the water. It’s decidedly mild-tasting on the palate, which makes it an easy crowd pleaser—even for those who may not prefer fish and seafood. In fact, it’s so delicate and mild in taste that it pairs with just about everything. The brand has pre-sliced, ready-made smoked salmon loin that is ready to serve right out of the package, which you can quickly pair with crackers, bagels or your favorite holiday spread. Try making a champagne cream cheese spread with crackers for an elevated occasion in just five minutes! Latitude 45 Salmon isn’t just a quick and easy pick for holiday entertaining and brunches, but also a healthy choice for light, protein-packed snacks that will help keep your energy up throughout the holiday season. Latitude 45 is Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) 4-star certified and OU Kosher. Packed with goodness, their salmon is a nutritious source of Omega 3s, Vitamins A - B12 – D – E, Selenium and Iodine. The company strives to pay homage to Patagonia’s rich culinary tradition and naturally-inspired ingredients in everything they do—from raising salmon with nurturing care to implementing world-class, sustainable practices that support the environment. For one, they’ve created a smoking process based on the meticulous craft of sourcing naturally-balanced, locally-grown woods to smoke their salmon. Use their online store locator to find a retailer near you.

Ultimate Reuben Sandwich Kit from Zingerman’s (

Sandwich fans and corned beef connoisseurs, alike, are known to line up for Zingerman's famous Reuben, and now you can gift all the essentials of this savory sandwich to make your very own at home exactly the way the professionals do! This Zingerman’s Corned Beef Reuben Sandwich kit is the ultimate gift for the sandwich fan in your life. This kit comes with all the meat, cheese, bread and fixings you'll need. Each sandwich kit serves 3 to 4 folks and includes their famous Jewish Rye, sliced Corned Beef, sliced Emmentaler Swiss cheese, Zingerman’s potato chips, Coleslaw, Sauerkraut, Russian dressing and garlicky pickles. But, to make the holiday extra special, Zingerman’s is also including some of their favorite seasonal sweets like their Magic Brownie Bites, Pfeffernüsse Spice Cookies and Peppermint Bark. The kit includes professional-grade instructions so your sandwiches will be built to perfection and teeming with flavor each and every time. The gift is the perfect lunch—by mail. If you know someone who is a deli fare aficionado, this is a great gift to bring deli deliciousness home right to them. Some assembly is required, but that’s more than half the fun!

***FOR THE SPIRITED*** Gemma di Luna Italian Luxury White Wine Collection (

Pour some Italian Luxury into your holidays with Gemma di Luna white wines. This Italian Luxury Collection is a selection of wines meticulously crafted to elevate Italy’s most loved varieties from the ordinary to the extraordinary to turn everyday experiences into moments of luxury. Gemma di Luna Prosecco, Sparkling Moscato and Pinot Grigio elegantly express the most loved Italian sparkling and white wines, with bottles as lovely as the wines they hold. The Sparkling Moscato, which also comes in “baby-sized bottles,” is from the Piedmont region of Italy and is fully sparkling, or “spumante.” Aromas of rose and peach give way to a fresh Moscato character balanced by crisp acidity. It is delicious as an aperitif, or all the way through the meal to dessert. The company’s Prosecco is DOC, meaning it is made of premium grapes grown in Italy’s famed Prosecco DOC region. This refreshing, flavorful sparkler starts with a floral bouquet, which leads to a full palate with tingly acidity. A subtle sweetness is supported by savory notes, and the complex palate has a mineral finish. This year for the first time, the Prosecco will also be available in “baby sized” bottles in addition to the elegant full-sized bottles. Crafted in the Extra Dry style this is a rich, full Prosecco that is equally delicious as an aperitif or paired with a wide variety of foods. Gemma di Luna’s Pinot Grigio DOC Delle Venzie is meticulously crafted with grapes from Italy's Delle Venezie DOC.  This juicy, smooth, non-oaky Pinot Grigio is the perfect white for weeknight pairings or for a night in with the girls.

Red and White Wines from the Gary Farrell Vineyards & Winery (

Whether bringing a bottle with you to a holiday dinner, or wrapping one up for the wine connoisseur on your gift list, you would do well to make the wines of Gary Farrell Vineyards a prominent figure in this year’s holiday celebrations. A varietal of note is their 2017 Hallberg Vineyard Pinot Noir, which earned an impressive 95 points from Wine Spectator magazine.  This single-vineyard Gary Farrell wine hails from the Hallberg Vineyard—a renowned vineyard that is dry-farmed and yields wines with deep color, beautiful structure and silky tannins. The 2017 Hallberg Vineyard Pinot Noir opens with lush aromas of dark cherries, summer strawberries and blackberry jam. Generous layers of black tea, freshly foraged mushrooms, dried tobacco and black olive provide balance to the decadent fruit profile. Intensely concentrated fruit works in seamless harmony with the savory secondary flavors, while finely tuned oak tannins provide texture and exceptional length.  Another selection from this noteworthy wine-maker is the 2018 Olivet Lane Vineyard Chardonnay, which itself earned 92 points from Wine Spectator. A classic Russian River Chardonnay, this Gary Farrell white wine comes from the Olivet Lane Vineyard.  Planted in 1975, this vineyard sits on 65 acres of sloping benchland in the Santa Rosa Plain.  The combination of low temperatures, regular fog intrusion and well-drained loam, clay soils are hallmarks producing its revered grapes.  This 2018 Chardonnay is marked by juicy aromas of honeysuckle and citrus and a rich, creamy texture with balanced acidity.  Choose one or both of these distinctive wines to help usher in this year’s holiday celebrations. 2017 Gecaj Estate Wine from Stone Castle Vineyards (

A good bottle of wine is always appreciated, but buying a bottle that will impress the connoisseur in your life can be intimidating with so many varietals and vineyards to choose from. Luckily, The Gecaj Estate red blend from Stone Castle Vineyard makes a great gift to impress even the most experienced of palates. Stone Castle is the leading winery in Kosovo—a  relatively new country with a 2,000-year winemaking history. Gecaj Estate Vineyards and Winery is located in the part of the old Dardania where the sun shines for 270 days a year, giving the Rahovec region the epithetParadise of Grapes. Owned by the Gecaj family, this enthralling wine is made of delicately-maintained Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes growing on the soft hilltops at 500 meters above sea level. These grapes are all carefully selected and handpicked before being aged for 24 months in American Hungarian oak barrels stored inside their oldest cellar. This wine offers flavorful aromas of exotic forest berries, a unique mix of flavors from plum and apricot juice to blueberry jam give way to layers of complexity and depth to the wine, delivering a lingering finish. Aromas of currant, berry and spice are followed by a palate with notably smooth tannins.

Flat Top Hills Wines (

If you’re looking for a portfolio of affordable wines well-suited for pairing with holiday meals or for gifting, consider the varietals from Flat Top Hills wines. Together, head winemaker Randy Herron and consulting winemaker Angelina Mondavi–who is part of the fourth generation of the winemaking family–meticulously crafted their Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Blend. Don’t let the price tag fool you. These highest-quality wines are delicious and food-friendly, and they look beautiful too. Made with meticulous care and attention to detail, Flat Top Hills wines highlight the best characters of the vineyards and the grape varietals. Gentle handling and natural winemaking allow the quality of the vineyards to shine, showcasing the essence of the fruit and true varietal expression. Flat Top Hills offers a modern and innovative approach to its wines, which showcase a fruit-forward style with full body and soft structure. One of the founding names in American wine, the iconic C. Mondavi & Family history dates back four generations. Building on a legacy that includes some of the most storied wines and regions of California wine, Flat Top Hills is family-owned and draws from family-farmed vineyards in the Dunnigan Hills of California. Flat Top Hills is available nationwide wherever fine wines are sold.


Baddle Pickleball Bundle (

Here’s a scenario: You and your loved one get into something. You start by watching YouTube videos about it. Then, you order some beginner gear, so you can try it. You do try it. And then a year goes by and you realize you haven’t tried it since. Sound familiar? Here’s how the game of pickleball is different. It’s easy to get into because many are able to get good fast. This is more true for those who don’t make the age-old mistake of skimping on your beginner material. With this in mind, paddles and balls from Baddle—available as a bundle—are USA Pickleball approved and made with the most modern pickleball tech. The large sweet spot makes them perfect for beginners and the material and design ensure they are built to last well into your intermediate phase. The bundle is conveniently packaged into gift size with two paddles and six pickleballs, making it a gift that can deliver years of fun. Baddle has also recently partnered with Vera Bradley to make its first designer pickleball paddles.

Pickleball Bags from Georgie & Lou (

The court sport of Pickleball is perhaps more popular than ever, and having the right garbs and gear is a great way to make the experience that must better. This road will inevitably lead you to Georgie & Lou, which offers the must-have accessory for this fast-growing activity. Georgie & Lou Pickleball Bags mix function and fashion, making you a champion on and off the court. The roomy bag includes designated interior pockets that hold three pickle balls and keeps your water cool and shaded while you play. Other notable features include a front pocket for paddles that don’t take up any interior space and an exclusive “carabiner system” that keeps your bag lifted off the ground, secure and away from germs. You’ll be ready for any match with these couture Pickleball bags, which come in many designs and colors. So, there’s surely one that perfectly matches the recipient’s personality. Georgie & Lou Pickleball Bags also feature comfortable, removable straps and both interior and exterior zippered pockets to keep valuables safe while you play. The vegan leather material wipes clean easily and the solid metal hardware make this stylish bag durable and secure. Each has all the comfort and durability you need on and off the court and enough storage to pack everything all in one place. For the athletic and stylish woman in your life, Georgie & Lou Pickleball Bags are a haute find.

Couple Connect - Game for New Couples by Life Sutra (

This holiday season make sure there's a gift under the tree that you and your partner can enjoy all year long. Developed by a licensed Psychologist, Couple Connect is a game that makes a great gift for couples looking to spark some interesting conversations—on your next date night, at dinnertime or any time you’re able to get together for a meaningful chat. Backed by psychological science, Couple Connect was designed to improve communication, romance and trust between you and your loved one. Strengthen your relationship by connecting with your partner on 15 important life areas such as dreams, spirituality, love and social life. It’s based on scientific and psychological techniques used in marriage counseling, including CBT, EMDR and mindfulness. The game comes with conversation cards for couples to help initiate deep conversations and thoughtful activities. The company also offers a Couple Reconnect deck also fostering deeper conversations and thoughtful activities. And, if a stronger connection isn't enough, the company has pledged a donation of one meal to Feeding America for each game sold. This is a premium and classy gift with a luxurious outer box and ultra-premium paper with silver edges, designed to bring a smile on your loved ones faces.

***FOR THE HOME*** The Home Office from Worky (

The past few years have ushered in a new era of office life.  Work-life trends now include telecommuting from home, hot-desking, working out of a hybrid office and at-home learning.  These trends have caused many people unnecessary frustration, including disorganization, clutter and immobility. If this brings to mind someone on your gift list, The Home Office from Worky is a thoughtful gift this holiday season. The Home Office is the first portable deskl-in-a-box, which helps you be more productive and organized no matter where you work. This distinctive device instantly converts any location into a pop-up workspace and puts all of your home office necessities at your fingertips. Its unique design incorporates all the elements of a productive desk into one convenient, mobile solution. No more worry about where to keep your papers, pens, charging cords or sticky notes as Worky’s Home Office stores it all neatly and helps brings organization back to your mobile work life. The unit features 15 key elements of a productive desk set up, valued at over $300, including paper and pen storage, charging ports, a built-in video conferencing light and a magnetic dry erase board.  This is a practical gift proffering organization and workplace mobility.

Red Glazed Rose and Vase set from (

Whether for a romantic interest or a family member, the Red Glazed Rose and Vase Set from Eternity Rose is a timeless gift that expresses more than words, alone, can. This real red rose is glazed and trimmed with 24-karat gold, and comes complete with an ornate gold-dipped cast brass vase. The gold has a brilliant and lustrous mirror finish, resulting in a stunning symbol of love that literally lasts and eternity. The bright and radiant mirrored finish is eye-catching, elegant and serves as a constant reminder of the love and adoration you hold for that special someone. This beautiful gold-adorned flower is presented in a stylish display case made from high-quality PU leather with a velvet interior. The case interior, itself, holds two separate recessed channels for both the rose and vase. Each rose used for Eternity Rose’s glazed flowers is grown in the company’s very own nursery, with each carefully tended to by qualified horticulturalists to ensure they use only the very best available. As each rose begins to open, they are selected with care to begin the complex, three-month long preservation process that will eternally capture their splendor and produce the final magnificent product. Nothing symbolizes love more than a single rose. The aspiration of this Red Glazed Rose and Vase set is to take this universal symbol and develop it into a stunning work of art that can be proudly displayed for a lifetime.

Frontgate Belmont Estate Vanity Mirror (

Here’s a décor-enhancing mirror that’ll look great while it keeps YOU looking great. With an oversized 12-inch mirror surface and bright fluorescent surrounding light, the Frontgate Belmont Estate Vanity Mirror will ensure that you always leave the house looking your best. The reflective base supports a two-sided optical-glass mirror for both life-size and five-times magnification. With an infinity dimmer switch to adjust the brightness to your ideal illumination, this mirror is ideal for touch-ups, detailed grooming and makeup application. The powerfully bright LED surround light comes with a six-foot long cord and has options in polished nickel, satin nickel and polished brass to complement any décor.

Frontgate Westport Console (

Conduct your celebrations in style with the Frontgate Westport Console Table, crafted of natural, high-quality teak and stainless steel. It has a lower shelf for additional storage and two slatted tops that lift to reveal a removable stainless steel beverage tub on one side and storage on the other. While designed to be used outside, it is stylish enough to be used inside as well. The console is hand-built from sustainably harvested, high-quality teak that is naturally resistant to mildew, so it holds up to rain and humidity. The durable teak frame is kiln-dried to remove moisture, guarding against warping and cracking, and sanded by hand, so it's smooth to the touch. Teak naturally releases resinous oils as it weathers; using a rug is recommended to help prevent staining of deck or patio surfaces. Over time, teak will develop a natural silver patina if left untreated. Plus, it’s durably constructed with mortise-and-tenon joinery, and the slats form a chevron pattern. Made with brushed stainless steel, it has a fully concealed internal stainless steel hardware. The top lifts off to reveal removable stainless steel beverage tub that holds approximately 20 standard-size drink bottles. It also comes with adjustable, non-marring plastic foot glides and coordinates with the Westport Outdoor Kitchen Collection in Natural and Westport Outdoor Kitchen Bar Cart.

Frontgate Eastport Chaise Loungers – Set of Two (

Another fabulous find for the home from Frontgate is its comfortably contoured Eastport Chaise Loungers, which come in sets of two. These lounge chairs are the perfect spot for soaking up the sun, reading a book or catching an outdoor nap. All-weather wicker fiber is woven over a durable powder-coated aluminum frame to create a chaise that is comfortable with or without the optional cushion, all while resisting the elements. The premium wicker construction resists mold, mildew, fading and splintering. Plus, the wicker fiber won't stick to skin like vinyl or plastics. The backrest adjusts for maximum comfort and the front legs can also be folded in so you can lounge the way you like. The frame is backed by an industry-leading 10-year structural warranty, so these Frontgate loungers are sure to stand the test of time.

Modular Closets ‘Vista Shoe Shelf Short Tower’ and ‘Cubby Insert’ (

Whether you’re buying a new residence or upgrading an existing closet, the Modular Closets system will readily transform your home, and your life, with closet systems that will help you get organized, maximize your closet and storage spaces and turn your closet into a beautiful part of your home. One of the biggest causes of clutter is piles of shoes in your entry, bedroom, floor closet, garage and elsewhere. Modular Closets addresses this issue with an easy shoe organization solution: the Vista Shoe Shelf Short Tower. It’s a great add-in shelving section that can be placed inside the closet, under a window or anywhere else you want to solve shoe disarray. Offering a convenient way to display shoes for easy access and selection, this shelf tower features four slanted shoe shelves with a rack to ensure they stay put. The unit comes in a choice of dark grey or white and in three different widths. To tame other types of clutter either inside or outside the closet, Modular Closets also offers its Vista Cubby Unit. In addition to working as add-in closet shelving, this solution is also great for playrooms, kids’ rooms, mudrooms, entry ways or anywhere clutter accumulates in the home. This Modular Closets system is highly flexible, so you can combine the cubby insert with any Modular Closets Vista shelf or drawer tower—either stacking it or placing adjacent to it. This versatile cubby unit is also available in two colors, white and gray, and comes in three convenient sizes. All Modular Closets are high-quality and easy-to-design closet systems made in the USA from real wood, which you can order, assemble and install yourself in no time at all. Using closet modules (organizational units you can mix and match to design your own modular closet), homeowners are empowered to achieve a true custom look for nearly 40% less than standard custom closets suited for the bedroom to the kitchen, mudroom, laundry room, and beyond.

Tulip Air Purifier from AirFree (     

          Did you know the air in your home is 100 times more polluted than the air outside? Give a breath of fresh air to someone you love this holiday season with the Tulip Air Purifier from AirFree. The Tulip combines high performance with a modern, slim and stylish design. It has a 30% smaller diameter than the classic line and a choice of 10 nightlight colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your home decor—even in the smallest spaces. AirFree’s Tulip is also completely silent, consumes low energy and requires no maintenance. Simply plug it in. Despite its small and convenient size, this powerful purifier is suitable for spaces up to 450 ft. AirFree air purifiers are maintenance-free and operate in complete silence so you won’t even know it’s there. The purifier works to eliminate the main agents that cause allergies and respiratory diseases, asthma and hay fever from your home or office. The AirFree Tulip removes of up to 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, viruses, pollen, pet allergens, dust mite allergens and other organic air pollutants so you can breathe easily and cleanly. It uses the same natural concept as boiling water to sterilize the air so the purified air is cooled and released back out. The Tulip model’s modern design draws inspiration from the beauty of tulips, flowers known for their delicacy, and a variety of colors as seen in its featured nightlight display.

Phillips UV-C Disinfection Box from Phillips (

Health and wellness is a gift that will mean more this year than in many years past. This holiday season, a great way to give your loved one the gift of safety and peace-of-mind is with the Phillips UV-C Disinfection Box from Phillips. The company reports that its UV-C disinfection box, fitted with Philips’ UV-C light sources, can inactivate SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19 disease) on surfaces by more than 99% to below detectable levels, providing an easy and effective way to disinfect items like keys, cell phones, toys and other small household items. Using UV-C technology, in just a couple of minutes the box disinfects against a vast host of viruses, bacteria, germs and mites. It’s roomy, so users can place multiple items in the box, close the lid and their personal belongings will be disinfected. The highly reflective interior allows UV-C light to disinfect items more effectively while the stainless-steel chamber ensures each object's surface is reached, regardless of the way it is facing. This simple and intuitive design allows you and your loved ones to disinfect multiple items at once. Just load your items evenly into the box and select your working mode using the clear digital display. The machine will do the rest.

Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor (

For parents with newborns, not having to check on the baby at all hours of the day and night may just be the holiday gift they love the most! The Cubo Ai Smart Baby Monitor is an artificial intelligence-powered baby monitor that detects potentially dangerous situations with its included Covered Face Alert and Roll Over detection. If you have an active baby, Cubo Ai has that covered, too, with its Danger Zone alert. These alerts protect your baby beyond the crib and warns you if your little one is wandering into a designated area; somewhere they shouldn't be. Say goodbye to squinting and fumbling in the dark during late night checkups, as Cubo’s 1080p HD Night Vision is powered by a professional-grade security camera lens designed to display the finest details day and night—all with 2-times higher sensitivity than with standard night vision views. Co-created by a mom and a pediatrician, this baby monitor not only comes with safety features, but it also includes two-way audio, lullabies and white noise to soothe the baby to sleep. Its 3-stand Set, flexible with heights and mobility, is designed to grow with your baby from their infant stage well into their toddler stage. The Cubo Ai Smart Baby monitor is a long-term investment for your child’s safety.

Uber Chill Mini Fridge from Uber Appliance (

Uber Appliance has you covered on a wide variety of your cooking needs. Their products range from top-of-the-line air fryers and mini-fridges in three different sizes to sorbet and ice cream makers and tea kettles! This company aim to bring fun and functional, yet retro sleek kitchen appliances to the modern home. Relative to the mini-fridges that caught my attention, the Uber Chill Six Can Mini Fridge is a great gift or get. The sleek device is capable of housing up to six 12 ounce cans or four 16.9 ounce bottles of your favorite beverage. Also makeup and medications that require—or would benefit from—staying cool. Utilizing state of the art and environmentally friendly thermo-electric Peltier technology, this mini fridge is capable of cooling or even warming the contents within a reasonable amount of time, making it convenient in almost any occasion. In addition to this, the portable unit comes with both standard home and car power cables for ultimate portability. This is a great mini fridge for the bedroom, the dorm, the office cubicle, the car and more.

The Yeelight LED Bedside Lamp D2 (

Here’s an award-winning product that’s a great gift option for your tech-loving friends and family. The Yeelight LED Bedside Lamp D2 is a smart home light that easily integrates with smart home systems like HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings. This smart lamp, which is equally at home on your bedside table or your gaming station, features radiant, all-around light and convenient fully adjustable options for color and brightness.  The simple double-tap control feature ensures you can easily switch it on or off without fumbling for switches.  Maybe you want an immersive gaming experience, or maybe you want to light up the party; whatever your mood, Yeelight’s LED Bedside Lamp is ready to help create it.  This lamp also seamlessly synchs with popular music and gaming systems like Razer, Chroma and Overwolf and, at a compact 140mm X 100mm size, your personalized ambiance-maker can easily travel with you anywhere you choose to go.  It’s brought to you by Yeelight, a world-leader in smart lighting, this lamp has only recently been made available in the U.S. market. 

SLYDE Cordless Wet-Dry Floor Cleaner from Lifestyle by Focus (

Cleaning can be a hassle and requires time that not everyone has to give. I’m always looking for products that make keeping tidy easier, quicker and most effective. This is why I like the SLYDE Cordless Wet-Dry Floor Cleaner—an all-in-one product that picks up liquids and solids in one swipe—which can cut your cleaning time in half. Now you can sweep and mop simultaneously with this multi-surface cleaner designed for tile, marble, wood, laminate or other flooring. Its easy to use dual, disposal system makes emptying the cleaner effortless. And, it separates solids from liquids for you. Push to sweep, pull to mop. How simple! Designed to clean even the toughest stains, the SLYDE is super lightweight and flexible. Thanks to its flexible swivel steering design, you can now reach dirt even in the tightest of corners and is safe to use with most multipurpose floor cleaning solutions. SLYDE makes self-cleaning easy and mess-free. Simply insert the SLYDE into the base and, in just 25 seconds, it'll be as good as new. There's also no need for a dust bag, making the SLYDE a great cleaner for the allergy-prone. Not only is the SLYDE light and versatile, it also runs quietly and won’t disturb and children or fur-babies.

Mongolian Faux Fur Inflatable Chair from AirCandy (

Looking for a fun and comfortable gift to surprise someone with this holiday season? The Mongolian Faux Fur Inflatable Chair from AirCandy is a fab find. This Faux fur inflatable chair is a fun and versatile inflatable chair that adds style and comfort to a home or dorm room. Lightweight and easy-to-inflate, you can control the firmness by adjusting the air pressure to the perfect level of choice for relaxation. Lounge on a cloud of soft ivory colored fur that’s adaptable enough to fit into any home or bedroom design. You'll feel like you're floating on air ... because you are! Whether you're working, playing, studying, reading or just relaxing, the AirCandy Mongolian Faux Fur chair is a sweet seat for it. This chair inflates in only minutes and can hold up to 250 pounds. It also deflates and folds for quick storage. This chair even includes a blow dryer adapter for quick inflation so it can easily be set up when entertaining guests, or for a last-minute cozy night in with your favorite book or movie. Plus, the matching Mongolan Faux Fur ottoman makes for the perfect pairing. This chair is an unexpected gift that’ll undoubtedly be appreciated.  

Dish Drying Mat from Sonoma Wool Company (

Sonoma Wool Company is an eco-friendly brand that designs dish drying mats and other home essentials. This Wool Dish Drying Mat brings the simplicity of nature’s beauty into your home with the world’s most ancient fibers: wool and linen. This mat is eco-friendly mat, durable enough to withstand years of use. Sonoma Wool’s heirloom-quality products are 100% sustainable on U.S. soil, keeping the land thriving. They are a family-owned business that supports family ranches in the U.S. to produce and sell 100% wool products that are high quality and without chemicals or synthetics. Wool is versatile, resistant to dirt and dust, and its antimicrobial factors make it easy to take care of and remain clean. Used for thousands of years, these “super” fibers naturally resist mold and mildew, are highly absorbent, and eliminate the need for using synthetics and plastics around your sink area. The Dish Drying Mat is designed to sit on your counter and needs to fully dry between uses, which will naturally occur when kept there.

***FOR TRAVELERS*** Florentine Hunter Messenger Bag from Dooney & Bourke (

Perfect for the go-getting professional in your life, the Florentine Hunter Messenger Bag from Dooney & Bourke is as durable as it is stylish. The briefcase gets a modern update this season with this bodacious bag he’s sure to love. With supple Florentine leather, matte gold buckles and an extra-long web strap, this Florentine Hunter Messenger Bag is not only effortlessly chic but also study and long-lasting. Pairing timeless styling with functional details, it is big enough for all workday essentials and must-haves, but streamlined enough to make the perfect style statement. This bag includes an inside zip pocket, many multifunctional pockets and a roomy laptop compartment. The adjustable straps are complemented with an easy magnetic snap flap closure.  This collection requires no creams, polishes or leather conditioning products to maintain its beauty. In fact, the waxed surface may assist in staving off some dirt. With continued use, a lovely shine or patina will develop, only enhancing the beauty of the leather. It is also characteristic for lighter colors to darken with use over time, and with exposure to light. The Dooney & Bourke Florentine Leather Collection is coincidentally celebrating its 10th Anniversary. Ten years ago, this premium collection was introduced by the brand and it soon became known for its rich Italian Vacchetta leather. The more you carry a Florentine bag or accessory, the softer its leather feels and the richer its color appears. Leather like this only gets better with age...just like the lucky recipient!

HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer from HP (

Nothing captures a moment like a photo, and this holiday season you can give the amateur paparazzi and photo enthusiast in your life the perfect gift. The HP Sprocket Studio Photo Printer from HP is a desktop photo lab for traditional photo prints that can be carried with you on-the-go to not just capture your favorite moments, but also print them out on the spot! Designed for use with Bluetooth, the free companion HP Sprocket app lets users edit and customize photos directly from an iOS or Android smartphone ... then instantly print them out as bright, high-quality 4x6 pictures. This printer produces glossy, vibrant photos that are smudge-proof and water-resistant. The compact HP Sprocket Studio also produces photo albums, cards, collages and more utilizing templates that are also included in the app. You can even pair this smartphone printer with the HP Sprocket app to view and print online photos from social media, Google Photos and more. These captured moments aren’t limited to photographs as, with the HP Sprocket app, you can unlock content in augmented reality and view shared print queues, hidden videos and more. You can even take pictures of your own doodles and designs and turn them into customized stickers, so you can amp up the creative options! This printer is quick and easy to use. Simply plug in your picture printer and start printing—the kit comes complete with an ink cartridge and 10 sheets of 4x6-inch glossy photo paper. You can also go cordless and bring the optional power bank to charge your Sprocket Studio, so you’ll be camera-ready to snap and print photos at any event or party.

Double Wall Stainless Steel Shaker from ShakeSphere (

Have someone in your life who likes to eat and drink while on-the-go? You can make his road warrior life easier—and cleaner—when you upgrade their tumbler game. One great option is the Double Wall Steel Shaker I found from ShakeSphere. This award-winning shaker bottle company is founded by elite track and field athlete Rick Beardsell, to reportedly solve the problems he faced with other tumblers. Instead of using messy mixing accessories like a ball, blade or mesh grid that often leaves protein stuck in the corner, ShakeSphere’s patented capsule design creates a centrifugal force that can break down powders and puree soft fruits with just a few seconds of shaking. Many typical shaker bottles have corners whereby supplements can gather during the mixing process. This outdated design wastes money and time and also makes cleaning an arduous task. The unique shape of the ShakeSphere tumbler, which does not have any corners, also reduces the incidence of bacteria buildup by making it easier to clean ... which also prevents unseemly smells. The tumbler also comes with a completely leak-proof lid and slide cap so he won’t spill on his shirt or poke his eye while enjoying a shake or smoothie. Plus, the premium double wall stainless steel version keeps drinks hot for up to eight hours or cold for up to 12 hours.

Michelin Endurance XT Wiper Blade (

For the drivers on your list, consider giving them Michelin Endurance XT Advanced Silicone Wiper Blades to ensure optimum visibility in bad weather. All too often drivers forget to change out old windshield wipers, so these are perfect for those on your list who like to stay prepared. This premium wiper blade provides a smooth, streak-free wipe and improved driver visibility—even in the most extreme weather conditions. This Michelin blade is specifically engineered to last twice as long as standard wiper blades, while advanced quad tech, four-layer coated silicone provides quiet wipes; extra durability and wear resistance; flexibility and water repellency. Plus, they’re real world tested for performance in harsh weather conditions, assuring that they remain flexible and resist cracking from -80° to +195°F. A special silicone element also transfers a water-repellent barrier, so water beads right off the windshield and a frameless curved beam design is crafted to fit the curve of your windshield. There are infinite pressure points for smooth, streak-free wipes and improved visibility.  Each blade is durability tested to two million wipes! The Michelin Endurance XT blades have also been real-world tested on the record-breaking Pan-American drive from Deadhorse, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. As far as the instillation process, it is quick and easy and can be done in mere minutes thanks to its EZ-Lok Connector System. Note that the wipers must be installed on a clean windshield and run dry for three to five minutes before use.


Gender Neutral Fragrances from Benigna Parfums (

This holiday season, give that special someone in your life a thoughtful gift that makes them feel pampered, spoiled nd appreciated. A hand-selected perfume from Benigna Parfums is a great gift to achieve this. Benigna Parfums is a prestigious perfumery that creates gender-neutral fragrances, with fine fragrances demonstrating extraordinary craftsmanship. Delivered in aesthetically pleasing packaging (a white box with satin liner), the company’s scents are designed to inspire joy and harmony. They appeal to those who appreciate a luxurious sensory experience. Benigna Parfums’ Limited Edition Floral Trio Discovery Set beautifully showcases the diamond-faceted crystal bottles–and the hand-cut crystal stoppers adorned with Swarovski crystals that bedazzle their twenty four-karat gold-plated necks.  The brand even offers airlifts delivery of its signature perfumes to customers who choose this service. Benigna is a designer whose innate creativity, together with lasting impressions of images from her formative years of colorful floral landscapes, has guided her to express herself in this diverse sensorial adventure. With a vision to create exquisite gender-neutral and transformative luxury fragrances, Benigna Parfums’ passionate focus is to seek out the most uniquely rare and expensive ingredients to create scents that will linger and impress. Each perfume is sustainable and comes in refillable and reusable bottles with eco-friendly packaging. Customers can make these precious creations a forever keepsake to be enjoyed and passed down to future generations.

Oscar de la Renta Alibi EDP 3-Piece Gift Set (

Perfume is as timeless a gift as jewelry, chocolate or roses and is a clear expression of your love and adoration for her. She’ll certainly adore and appreciate receiving Oscar de la Renta’s 3-Piece Alibi EDP Perfume Gift Set this year. This luxurious scent set is inspired by the duality of women today: chic and sensual yet empowered, evoking modern glamour and timeless beauty. This gift set allows you to spritz Alibi to smell fabulous, and also keep skin smooth all season long with the Alibi Body Lotion. This unforgettable holiday gift set, which comes in a meticulously designed box, includes a 3.4 fluid ounce EDP, a 1.0 fluid ounce EDT and a 3.4 fluid ounce body lotion. With so many included variations in sizes and products in this gift set, the spirited and glamorous scent of Oscar de la Renta’s Alibi can travel with her to any occasion, event or celebration in her life. The Alibi fragrance is a captivating duality of free-spirited juicy florals contrasted with feminine sensuality in the background. The scent blossoms with a combination of fresh mandarin, ginger blossom and juicy accord accompanied with notes of elegant vanilla orchid, heliotrope, musk, praline and amber wood. These fragrances work together to create an effortless and sensual scent to match the glamour and power she embodies. This is the perfect gift for the empowered modern woman in your life!

MCM 3-Piece Eau de Parfum Holiday Gift Set (

This holiday season, wow her with a timeless 3-Piece Eau de Parfum fragrance gift set MCM. This sweet 3-piece set has all the right fragrances to make her swoon. The ultimate MCM gift, this deluxe set contains a 2.5 fluid ounce EDP, a 0.34 fluid ounce EDP travel spray, and a 0.24 EDP miniature. Propelled by the winds of wanderlust, MCM offers a transformative new scent expression. This signature fragrance introduces a transcending journey inspired by the luscious ingredients. Vibrant hyper-real raspberry and hand-picked jasmine are complemented by notes of apricot and white peony. These deliciously floral scents are refined with the aromas of clean textured woods, vanilla, sandalwood and sheer Ambrox Super, presenting a boundary-pushing, spirited floral woody aroma that she surely won’t forget. A brilliant nod to MCM's travel DNA, the fragrance bottle is meticulously modeled after the legendary Stark backpack for a design she will adore. This set includes different bottle sizes, so no matter how she’s traveling or what she’s celebrating, she can bring a touch of MCM with you wherever she goes.

UpNature’s Merry Little Christmas Essential Oils Gift Set from UpNature (

Have yourself a merry little Christmas with UpNature's Merry Little Christmas Essential Oils Gift Set. This delightful collection of Christmas-inspired essential oils will help keep your spirits bright all season long. The sensational-smelling set brings holiday cheer to any home with warm and welcoming aromas to tingle your favorite holiday memories. With incredible blends of peppermint, cinnamon, clove and orange essential oils, you can go beyond invigorating the space and help relieve sinus blockage, purify the air, and ease aches caused from the cold with a crisp, wonderfully wintery blend of aromas. Use each holiday blend separately or mix and match to create a cheery holiday aroma. Give the gift of wellness and relaxation with this warm, rich set of 100% pure and natural therapeutic grade, premium quality essential oils. They are steam-distilled right from the source and packaged in the USA without any additives, toxins or harmful chemicals. They are also undiluted with fillers or added chemicals and are GMO and cruelty-free, never tested on animals. One way to enjoy this set is to simply dilute a small amount of the essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice to clean skin on the inside of your elbow or wrist, cover with a bandage, and leave for 24-hours. You can also add droplets of the oil to water and pour into an aromatherapy diffuser to make any room smell wonderful. It’s a great way to gift great-scented cheer this year.

Essential Oil Steam Shower Sprays from Travertine Spa (

At the end of a long year, one of the best gifts you can give is one of relaxation. Not everyone has the time or money to enjoy a day at the spa, so why not bring the spa to them? One easy way to achieve this is with the Eucalyptus and Lavender Steam Shower spray from Travertine Spa, which delivers relaxation in a bottle. Simply, spray downwards into a warm steaming shower and enjoy as the fragrance turns the shower into an aromatherapy spa experience to bring rejuvenation and relaxation. Enjoy the inhalation benefits of 100% natural eucalyptus oil as the steam rises. This easy to use spray utilizes pure eucalyptus, hand-blended by Travertine Spa, as a key component due to its ability to facilitate deeper breathing and relieve stress. Fresh lavender promotes at-home relaxation and self-care and duly amplifies the impact. Not only can this spray turn your shower into a great experience, but it can also be used to freshen linens or deodorize a room, car or gym bag. The Eucalyptus and Lavender Steam Shower Spray is available in a four-ounce bottle or a convenient two-ounce, TSA-compliant travel sized bottle to bring the spa with you wherever you go. With five unique scents made from essential oils, this relaxing experience can be tailored to everyone. 


Women’s Designer Clothing by Franne Golde (

Are you frustrated trying to find the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life?  Lovely designer pieces from the Franne Golde collection will have your loved ones looking and feeling their best.  While I pretty much love everything from the line, there are a few key pieces that I especially adore.  For one, the Original Classic Magic Pant is a fabulous option—also noting this is the piece that launched the entire collection.  Dubbed the “Magic Pant” by Oprah’s own style guru, this favorite, form-fitting pant has structure and stretch designed to hold you in right where you need it.  These designer pants slip on with ease to create an instant, more flattering and slenderized profile, while their high-rise elastic waistband is cut a just a bit higher in the back for added comfort when sitting. With convenient sizing ranging from tall to short lengths, you’re ensured a perfect fit for that fashion-forward person in your life.  And, why stop there when you can upgrade the look with Franne Golde’s leopard-print Bancroft Duster.  This soft and sleek Franne Golde original is an ideal choice for lounging in, dining out and anywhere in between. Add that perfect touch of drama to the wardrobe with this beautiful duster.  Another impressive wardrobe win is the Katharine Buttondown—a key piece from Franne Golde that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  Designed as an upgrade to your traditional button-down look, this luxe jersey—available in black or ivory—with matching matte buttons promises an effortlessly chic look. 

Relaxer Yoga Pants from Intelligent Threads (

For the woman in your life always immersed in fitness activities or otherwise out-and-about, she needs comfortable pants that can follow her from the gym to everything else she has scheduled for the day. The Relaxer Yoga Pants from Intelligent Threads is a great option. Aside from looking and feeling fantastic, Intelligent Threads boast a wearable breakthrough technology designed to help athletes and non-athletes, alike, perform at their highest level. Developed by Synergy Release Method provider Brian Burzynski, D.PSc., SRM, and featuring technology more than 15 years in the making, these Intelligent Threads pants improve muscle relaxation and recovery time. Using lightweight dryfit PosiCharge polyester material that is chemical-free, this piece stabilizes bone structure while releasing muscles to help the body achieve its correct anatomical position so she can recover and rejuvenate her body wherever she goes. In these Relaxer Yoga Pants, she can also achieve the proper body alignment (a vital aspect to faster recovery), with the added benefits of helping to restore blood flow, gain better posture, relax the muscles, eliminate soreness and even prevent injury. This is a garment that’ll help improve performance and the ability to reach peak potential in the gym, yoga studio or even in the home office. They’re also designed to help relieve soreness, pain and bad posture for better performance at work, home, or while on-the-go.

Five Pocket Legging Pants from NYDJ (

For the active woman in your life, a go-to pair of stylish leggings is a must-have. A fabulous way to give that everyday look a little edge is with the Five Pocket Legging Pants by NYDJ. These sleek and versatile day-to-night bottoms feature five-pocket jean styling in an advanced compression double knit with a coated finish. Designed to make curves look their best while providing endless comfort, the high-stretch, supportive fabric of this garment hugs in all the right places—all without sacrificing comfort for style. The front pockets are faux to keep the front as smooth as possible, while the back pockets are functional to keep her hands free. The company’s proprietary interior Lift Tuck Technology uses a slimming panel with a patented criss-cross design to further streamline the silhouette and add more lift in back. Lift Tuck can make you look, feel and wear a size smaller! The zip fly and button closure means no tugging and fighting to get into leggings anymore. These legging pants are part of NYDJ's novel Sculpt-Her collection of compression-contouring silhouettes offering an unparalleled, cutting-edge fit. Originally founded as “Not Your Daughter’s Jeans,” NYDJ set out to design premium stretch jeans that fit in all the right places and make every woman feel comfortable and confident—putting her best self forward. With 66 sizes in regular, petite, plus, tall, and maternity, they know a woman’s curves and how to best style them.

Shakti and Moksha Leggings from Kosha Fit (

For the active women in your life, a go-to set of stylish leggings for all their workouts and casual jaunts around town is essential. The Shakti leggings from Kosha Fit makes a gift—one that provides style and comfort while offering flexibility and protection. Kosha Fit women’s activewear makes working out easier through alignment of the five layers of being, or koshas, to promote confidence and well-being. The Shakti Leggings provide support and comfort, making them perfect for any type of movement like hot yoga, running, Pilates class or just lounging at home. Made with AuraForm material, these sculpting and form-fitting leggings are buttery soft and come in neutral colors that can be worn year-round with existing garments or paired perfectly in a matching Kosha Fit set. Designed and tested to be sweat-proof and breathable for hot studios, these leggings are made for all-day wear. Another great option for your on-the-go girl is the Moksha leggings, which are compressive and flatter any figure while offering the support needed for every workout. The Moksha leggings have the stretch and flexibility she needs while still being silky and buttery soft for a barely-there feeling. These popular leggings are high-waisted and 7/8 length to pair perfectly with matching tops for a go-to neutral workout set. With four-way stretch and anti-pilling fabric, both of these leggings are sweat-proof and squat-proof.

Women’s Long Sleeve Activewear Top from Baddle (

Every once in a while, the woman in your life comes across a shirt that changes everything. It starts as the shirt she grabs when she’s heading to the gym or to the courts or for a walk. Then, it becomes the shirt she grabs for a grocery run or movie night or road trips. Then, it becomes her staple because once she has experienced the soft and flexible, yet durable, fabric with side mesh panels for ultimately move-ability, it’s hard to go back. That’s the Long Sleeve Activewear Top from Baddle. It’s designed for?competitive wear on the pickleball court, but can certainly be worn for so much more. And, trust me, you’ll want to. This savvy shirt is constructed of durable?moisture-wicking?athletic material that’s enhanced with 30-plus UPF protection?to?help?keep you safe from the?sun. The side and back panels provide stretch for maximum flexibility and the round neck design pulls on easily?and long sleeves keep you warm.? The body is made from 100 percent polyester, while the side and back panels are 95 percent polyester and five percent spandex jacquard mesh—all features moisture management. A versatile athletic design, this smart top can be worn for running, tennis and exercise.

Women’s Gold Two-Piece Swimsuit / Antoinette Bedazzled Cover Up from Rose Paulino (

A savvy and sexy way to always be vacay ready with beautiful pieces from Rose Paulino, which are entirely gift-worthy. One of my top picks is the brand’s adorable Amanda Women’s Gold Two Piece that is just PERFECT for all beach day activities and other festivities like parades, picnics and dancing at celebratory parties. Vibrant and bright, this glam suit will catch the eye and ensure you dazzle by the sea. This suit is comfortable and durable for all day wear and is versatile enough for any water-side occasion. Vibrant and bright, you will be eager to show off your gorgeous set.  Looking to add even more sparkle to your respite? Rose Paulino’s Antoinette Bedazzled Cover Up is just the piece to turn heads! The Antoniette is a bedazzled fish net cover up perfect for slipping on over any suit to add a sparkle. It is comfortable, breathable, lightweight and dries quickly. This light cover up is perfect for all-day wear, and is the perfect touch for the ultimate chic beach look. Rose Paulino designs women’s apparel for all shapes and sizes. The namesake brand of one of the hottest Latinx designers today, its community-driven mission is front and center. Not only is the clothing line focused on empowering women, its founder is also giving back to the foster care community from which she came, emboldening kids to focus on their dreams. Each item is made to order and is true to size, so you can gift a bit of sparkle this holiday season for the glowing, see-and-be-seen women in your life.

Peaceful One Piece Swimsuit from Swiminista (

Whether booking a resort or cruise getaway, enjoying a weekend at the lake, or staycation relaxing by the pool, a versatile go-to swimsuit is essential. You can definitely be vacation-ready year-round with the Peaceful One Piece Swimsuit from SWIMINISTA. This wonderfully chic one piece is made from luxury Italian recycled fabric that makes use of the millions of tons of post-consumer plastic bottles polluting our oceans. So, you can enjoy peace of mind you’re enjoying both a stylish and sustainable swimsuit. Cut out, circular sides with gold-tone triangles adds flare to this classic cut. SWIMINISTA’s Peaceful swimsuit also offers adjustable, gold tone clasps at the back as well as a ruched design at back bottom for sculpting and to create your own personalized fit. With medium bikini coverage and light to medium upper support, you can feel comfortable and secure, but without feeling restricted. Started by Rock & Republic Co-Founder Andréa Bernholtz, SWIMINISTA is an all-new collection of comfortable, ultra-chic swimwear made from luxury recycled fabrics and featuring adjustable, personalized fits in sizes A-DD. In an effort to give women the confidence to celebrate their own bodies while reducing the swim industry’s impact on the planet, SWIMINISTA all designs rely on high-quality fabric made from post-consumer plastics to create sexy, supportive pieces made for movement.

Dark Matrix Clutch Handbag from Jumper Maybach (

For the woman in your life that is always looking for a dramatic new staple, statement piece, Jumper Maybach’s Dark Matrix Clutch more than fits the bill! This chic clutch is based on designer and artist Jumper Maybach's original painting, Dark Matrix. The original artwork created by Maybach represents the complex relationship of darkness and light in life's rich journey. This statement clutch is made of top-grain, genuine leather from ethically and socially responsible suppliers. With a chain strap, magnetic closure, pockets, and lined in Jumper Maybach’s signature red, this piece will catch eyes and start conversations. This clutch is a limited-edition item, one of 50!  Jumper Maybach, born Ben Workman, is an American artist originally from Corpus Christi, Texas. Jumper Maybach’s persona was born from a very real, very relatable moment during a time where many people were tormented for their unique differences. There’s more to his art than meets the eye. His constant evolution of color and bold mixing of techniques is the artist’s unique and vivid way of expressing freedom, love and acceptance. Every stroke of the brush, application of paint and product design that emerges is a true work of art—and every piece stands against bullying and intolerance in the world.

Elysian Cork Clutch Handbag from Bent and Bree (

Every woman needs a great purse at her side. Whether going out for the night, going to a special occasion or searching for something fashionable and convenient, you can give the women in your life a gift suited for all three. The Elysian Cork Clutch from Bent and Bree combines fashion and convenience, which will be appreciated by the woman in your life ever-searching for both. The Elysian Cork Clutch is an elegant bag down to the smallest detail like hints of embossed, gold accents. Handcrafted from a sustainable material–cork–this Eco-friendly fine cork fabric is selected for its quality, hand-feel and durability. With variations of color and texture, no two clutches are alike, which provides a unique statement gift opportunity. Accented with a gold chain strap featuring multi lengths for added convenience, this bag will follow her through the day and into night. This clutch features a convenient magnetic closure, spacious interior and includes a dust bag with the purchase. Caring for this unique piece is easy: the Elysian clutch can be cleaned with damp cloth and mild soap water. With its intrinsic tailoring, unique print and acute attention to detail, this Elysian clutch will be a conversation piece you’ll be proud to have conveyed.

Margo Paige Wristlet Handbag from Margo Paige (

For the person in your life always on-the-go and looking for a convenient, small bag at their side, look no further. This Wristlet from Margo Paige is a small and stylish way to hold those essentials for any occasion. This wristlet is made of durable, recycled PVC and faux leather trimmings. Its stylish design can be worn for a night out or accessorized for an easy, everyday look. Carry it alone, or you can even pop this Margo Paige piece into a larger bag. This see-through wristlet is an especially great option for those who frequent concerts, festivals or sporting events and seeks to be compliant with guidelines and breeze through security checkpoints. In fact, this wristlet is accepted by most major venues and events across the country so it can be at your side for any event. And, it’s just the right size to fit all your essentials for easy carry: your ticket, phone, lip balm or lipstick, and keys so you will always have your hands free. All Margo Paige bags feature a user-centered design approach for pieces that transition with you from one activity to the next. This thoughtful multi-function handbag design incorporates sustainability principles by selecting materials and design elements that reduce the need for multiple products, resulting in less waste and more versatility.

Clipa Bag Hanger from Clipa ( Here’s a great stocking stuffer ensuring she’ll never worry again about where to put her purse! The Clipa is a lightweight, circular purse hanger hook that holds bags or backpacks up to 33 pounds, then automatically closes back into a ring when not in use. Unlike other purse hooks, the Clipa bag hanger goes on—not in--the bag for instant use. This must-have bag hanger extends your purse’s life and can help prevent contact with germs by avoiding having to place it on the ground or other unsanitary surfaces. Think of all the places she’ll use this innovative design, which works great on bathroom stall doors, walls and sinks as well as restaurant tables, car seat headrests, theater seats and even rails to keep your bag in place. While this bag hanger holds 33 pounds, it’s just 1.6 ounces. It works in seconds—with no set-up. Simply attach it to your bag strap, open either end and hang your purse almost anywhere. Clear, non-slip pads protect surfaces with sturdy gripping power. When finished, just pull the strap and Clipa slides back onto the bag. You can also attach this purse hanger to your bag’s D or O-rings. The Clipa also doubles as a bracelet. It comes in multiple finishes to match any handbag and to complement any style.

Cocktail Sneakers Occasion Slip-Ons from Cocktail Sneakers (

Why sacrifice comfort for fashion when you don’t have to? The Occasion Slip-Ons from Cocktail Sneakers are an elegant lace slip-on sneaker bridging that gap, making the choice between comfort and fashion much easier. This slip-on features an almond-shaped toe and a slender, feminine silhouette. It then combines high quality materials such as lace, suede and leather to create classic and elevated looks for any occasion. Designed with comfort in mind, every Cocktail Sneaker includes a specially molded plush closed-cell foam heel bed and raised heel cup, delivering arch support and a valuable layer of shock absorption and cushion beneath the heel. Cocktail Sneakers pair as well with maxi dresses and skirts as they do with jeans, leggings and capris. Available in whole sizes only, Cocktail Sneakers also feature the unique ability to customize a woman’s perfect fit by leveraging an included eco-friendly cork layer, cut specifically to each sneaker shape. Since no two feet are the same and women’s feet can also occasionally size shift, the included eco-friendly corking insert that comes with each sneaker creates a smaller half size when placed under the kidskin sock lining. So, by slipping the cork into a size eight, it becomes a 7.5. By controlling and customizing the fit, the wearer can be comfortable year-round.

 Moonlight Roller Skates from Moonlight Roller (

Whether you lived through the ’70s and want a nostalgic gift that will bring you and yours back to those golden days, or are shopping for a Gen Z’er paying homage to the thrill of the era, disco and roller skating are back, baby! Glide through the year with a pair of Moonlight Roller skates, which has everything you need to look on-trend while harkening back to the height of the skating era with all of its epic vibe and style. Moonlight Roller started as a way to bring more light to the skating community, offer enthusiasts a brand that delivers ultra-cool designs with superb quality craftsmanship. My pick is the faux snakeskin Charmer design that’s super sexy and sassy! There’s Moonlight Roller is more than a roller skate brand, they are true advocates of this rich and beloved community. From dark, rich suedes to cosmic holographic and animal prints, these expertly-sized skates are all high-quality and absolutely gorgeous...perfect as a ’70s disco throwback! There’s no doubt that roller disco is a fun way to get us out of our comfort zones and back to simpler times when short shorts and bell-bottoms ruled. These skates also feature a moon cutout on the boot and a wider toe box making the breaking-in process easier. That way you won’t miss a beat when you hit that roller disco floor! Whether you want to give someone a timeless piece of nostalgia or pass the groove on to the younger generation, Moonlight Roller Skates are a grin-inducing gift they’ll love. 

Tom and Sheri’s ‘Iron in a Bottle’ Spray (

Let’s just admit that ironing is decidedly less than fun. Have someone in your life always on-the-go and needing to look their best, but without a spare moment to spend ironing? Guilty, party of one! Try Iron in a Bottle from Tom and Sheri’s—an all-natural wrinkle-releaser spray for clothing and home fabrics. This eco-friendly, BPA-free, cruelty-free formula is made in the USA. Reportedly featured as one of Oprah's Favorite Things and on Good Morning America, Iron in a Bottle makes for a great fashion fix to keep a wardrobe wrinkle-free for both work and play. With it, users can make sure clothes stay fresh and wrinkle free year-round without the drudgery and tediousness of ironing. Tom and Sheri’s is family-inspired, family-created and family-owned. Years ago its female founder, Sheri Eudaly, gave up ironing and created a homemade spray that turned out to be a game changer—one meaning no more irons, no more hassle and, best of all, no more wrinkles! Her son Austin saw the global need for the product when friends kept stealing his own spray supply, so in 2018 he set out to perfect the formula and share the magic with the world. The result is Iron in a Bottle—a modern wrinkle-releaser with a fresh scent that's efficient, effective and plant-based. With recyclable packaging, no harsh chemicals and a non-toxic formula, this product is safe for the whole family. It’s an easy way to spray those wrinkles away!

BackEmbrace Posture Support System (

Nothing is more fashionable that good posture, which can make your garments look their best. To help stop the slump and get your posture game back on track, consider BackEmbrace—a posture support system that you’ll actually want to wear. Made in the USA from super soft, custom-woven materials, BackEmbrace gently retracts your shoulders into proper alignment, allowing for improved posture while you sit, stand, walk or do just about anything. Doctor recommended, BackEmbrace works instantly to relieve tension and strain in the upper back, neck and shoulders. Its unique split-strap system contours to the body and provides targeted support where you need it the most. Unlike most devices aimed to improve posture, BackEmbrace is comfortable, effective and stylish. Also style-minded, its signature patterns include Black Drizzle, Sand Drizzle, Pink Pebble and Star Bright. BackEmbrace is perfect for men, women and young adults who suffer from tension and strain in the upper back, neck and shoulders. Pregnant, new and nursing moms appreciate the support BackEmbrace provides during and post pregnancy as well. BackEmbrace is available in three different sizes and can be worn comfortably under or stylishly over your clothes. It’s also an effective orthopedic device—it just doesn’t look like one.


Diamond Dreamer’s Moon Pendant / Crescent Moon & Star Ring from Hallmark Fine Jewelry (

This holiday season, give the special lady in your life her own piece of celestial shimmer to wear. Hallmark Fine Jewelry’s Dreamer’s Moon Medallion Pendant from its “Star Dusted” Collection is a figural crescent moon silhouette gazing dreamily into the night sky, admiring a diamond star as ocean waves drift below. Beyond the innate beauty and uniqueness of the pendant, this medallion is a perfect reminder to always make time for your dreams. It will duly reflect your love and affection for her and her aspirations. Available in Sterling Silver and 14-karat yellow hold, this pendant features ¼ total karat weight of diamonds and lapis. To complement this piece, or to stand alone as a symbol of your support, Hallmark Fine Jewelry also offers the Crescent Moon and Star Ring pairing. She’ll be inspired to dream big with this sweet celestial-themed ring. A genuine white diamond sparkles from a 14-karat yellow gold high polished star-shaped setting. This shimmering gem is cradled inside a silver and created blue sapphire crescent moon. Available in sterling silver and 14-karat yellow gold, this piece also features created blue sapphire and natural white diamond accents. Each piece from Hallmark Fine Jewelry is inspired by the power of emotional connections, personal stories and sharing what’s in the heart. Its designs use timeless icons that represent the special moments, milestones and relationships in our lives—the symbols that define our life stories. These pieces from the “Star Dusted” Collection are stellar for those who dream, hope and who would appreciate a twinkling sign that says, “Everything will be okay.”

Actual Handwriting Name Necklace from Babes & Babies ( A personalized gift is a perfect way to show that special someone in your life how much you love them. One of my favorite picks this season is the Babes & Babies' Actual Handwriting Name Necklace, which is a stunningly heartfelt, custom option to gift oneself or a special loved one. Just crisply photograph a hand-written name or word and upload a photo of it to the respective Babes & Babies’ product page. When choosing a name you can certainly craft your own, but also a kiddo's name, significant other's name, pet's name, or even a name or word from an old note, letter, drawing ... whatever is meaningful to you or your lucky giftee! The Actual Handwriting Name Necklace is an outstanding accessory because it is far more than just a piece of jewelry: it's a top-quality, tactile representation of love that’s immortalized for all to see. Babes & Babies' handwriting necklace is one-of-a-kind, with choice of colors and chain size to perfectly complement the recipient’s style and personality. Another of my fav’s from Babes & Babies is its Hug Ring. Available in both in gold and silver, this ring is a small but powerful display of your love and adoration for that special someone in your life. With it, they can take your hug wherever they go—and where you can’t be. Babes & Babies’ is a family-owned, women-led company pairing luxury with an affordable way to immortalize memories within statement jewelry.

Treasures Charm Necklace and Five Band Metal Stacking Ring from Isabelle Grace (

You can never go wrong buying the woman in your life jewelry, and pieces from Isabelle Grace are always sure to be loved. I have many beloved items from this brand, but this year I’m especially loving the Treasures Charm Necklace, which boasts rock n' roll vibes. Edgy, dark and glam, this statement necklace is handcrafted with attention to detail. The carefully-selected charms on this beautiful piece include a hand-wired seed bead accented chain, oxidized sterling silver nugget charm, black onyx charm, black onyx briolette charm and a cubic zirconia stone charm. It’s available in 14-karat gold fill or sterling silver chain to complement each woman’s unique style. Another edgy, stylish piece to pair with it is Isabelle Grace Jewelry’s Five-Band Mixed Metal Stacking Ring Set—a unique addition to her ring collection. Four oxidized, diamond cut thin stacking bands are paired with your choice of a silver, 14-karat gold filled, or rose gold filled center band. This versatile piece is perfect for wearing as a set or worn mixed and matched with other rings. This stack is hand-designed for a stylish, on trend look that can be worn together or apart in whatever combination you choose to create. These are two pieces exemplifying Isabelle Grace handcrafted jewelry that’s decidedly unique, sustainably made and always statement-making. The company is known for making simple, beautiful, elegant designs inspired by the most important things in life: family, children, love, marriage and meaningful moments. Their jewelry celebrates life and their trendy, yet classic, designs are easy to wear with both dressy and casual outfits. They are the perfect gifts to remind someone that you care, or to give to yourself because no one is more deserving than you.

Jessica Santander ‘Fearless’ Smoky Quartz Necklace (

Jessica Santander is the namesake brand of one of today’s most innovative young jewelry designers. She’ll enjoy a renewed sense of optimism wearing the company’s new fall collection, inspiring women to feel confident, connected and empowered in their lives This includes one of my favorites: their one-of-a-kind ‘Fearless’ Smoky Quartz Necklace, which is a statement piece designed with unique facets worth admiring. Whether worn alone or layered with other necklaces, the Fearless Smoky Quartz Necklace provides a continuous sense of sophistication.  Hand-made in the USA, the piece is adorned with a 32" gold-finished steel chain and a smoky quartz gold-finished sterling silver drop. It’s designed with a 14-karat gold-filled clasp and ships with eco-friendly tissue paper and a gold-plated logo charm Jessica Santander is a lifestyle brand on a mission to encourage modern women to embrace who they are and love themselves unconditionally. With elegant, dainty, and timeless jewelry, they combine a touch of nature with inspirational colors perfect for new discoveries and fearless adventures. The company also donates 1% from each purchase to the brand’s non-profit partner, InHerShoes Movement, to catalyze courage for women and girls worldwide.

Crescent Moon Necklace & Ear Cuffs from Starlette Galleria (

Whether to proclaim your love for nature, get in tune with your chakras or you simply love whimsy, the Crescent Moon Necklace is a perfect addition to any outfit. The lunar setting is created with certified 925 sterling silver and plated in your choice of 14-karat gold or rhodium. Unlike comparably priced jewelry you may find, this necklace will not turn your neck green. The 100 percent simulated diamond material (AAA CZ) stones are set in an intricate prong setting and, just like the moon, reflect light for extra shine and sparkle. And with the simulated diamond-material, you can rest assured knowing that your sparkle will always be conflict-free. The chain is extendable up to 17.5-inches, and the crescent moon pendant measures approximately 3/4 inches. Try it stacked with our other necklaces for a layered look! I also love the brand’s Bezel Ear Cuff. It’s made to bend gently to your ear, making it easy to put wherever on your earlobe you’d like. It’s also suited for all ages, which means it’s also great for kids asking for piercings but will appreciate this alternative. The cuff is made of 925 sterling silver, also plated in a choice of rhodium or 1-karat gold. It features 100 percent simulated diamond stones that are AAA CZ and set in a beautiful bezel setting. Do be cautious of the fact that they are easily flipped off when taking masks on and off.

Wraparound Rings from World Vision (

The holidays oftentimes find us looking to give back to those less fortunate and the World Vision Gift Catalog collection offers a perfect chance to gift with purpose this season. Each purchase is an investment that supports World Vision’s mission to provide essentials like clean water, nutrition, healthcare, education and economic empowerment to those in need across the globe. There are two artisan-crafted pieces from their jewelry collection that I particularly appreciate. The Circle of Hope wraparound ring is a beautifully handcrafted piece that supports an equally as beautiful cause.  Designed by TV personality and best-selling author Sadie Robertson Huff, this adjustable gold-toned brass ring features an aesthetic that celebrates nature and “shines as bright as the purpose it serves.”  An additional and equally impactful jewelry gift option from World Vision’s collection is the Wraparound Ring. Adorned by aqua and blue-toned chalcedony stones, this nickel-free band represents yet another opportunity to pay it forward. Each one-dollar investment translates to an average $1.60 worth of impact.  Really, what could be a better investment this season than a beautiful ring that also promises a long-lasting impact on families in need?

Jet Leather Wrapped Classic Hoop Earrings from Bloom (

Jewelry is a classic gift choice that never goes out of style and is sure to last. One stellar option this season Are Bloom Jewelry’s Jet Leather Wrapped Classic Hoops that are a signature classic. These versatile hoops are finished with leather and your choice of 14-karat gold-filled or sterling silver-filled hand wrapping. They’re lightweight while looking thick and high quality.  Both the sterling silver and 14-karat gold-filled options are hypoallergenic, which means they’re highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. To maintain these earrings, simply wash down with soap and warm water to keep them looking brand new. Bloom Jewelry is handcrafted in Denver, Colorado to create versatile, beautiful pieces that transition flawlessly to fit every moment of your life. Each collection is designed six months to a year out so that each product can be trendy and up-to-date while remaining effortless and classic. The jewelry is designed with every consumer in mind, using products that won’t cause allergic reactions and offering multiple styles, finishes and designs for every occasion. Every piece hand-crafted by this company is backed by a lifetime guarantee, best ensuring your Bloom jewelry lasts forever.

Comfort Tasbih Necklace from Grounded Revival (

If you’re seeking a more spiritually-styled gift this year, consider a piece by Grounded Revival—a natural stone jewelry company that designs handmade gemstone Tasbih necklaces. Aside from being fashion forward, these pieces are often used as a tool to help you keep one’s focus and count in prayer and meditation. Tasbih prayer beads are meant to promote overall well-being, balance and protection, and remind you to open your heart and mind, set your intentions, and inspire positive change. It is Grounded Revival’s mission to create accessible and beautifully-crafted handmade prayer beads to help guide mindful living, which includes an awareness and care for self, loved ones, and all living creatures that co-exist on our beautiful earth. One piece from their collection that I particularly like is the Comfort Tasbih Necklace—an original design that’s hand-knotted with 99 lava and map jasper gemstone beads and sterling silver accents. It features a lovely custom crafted white jade pendent. Lava Stone is a grounding stone that is meant to provide strength, courage and stability through times of change, and supports the shedding of unnecessary emotions and unhealthy attachments. Map Jasper is a balancing and grounding stone believed to help nurture and support during prolonged illness, re-energize the body and aid insomnia. White Jade is a calming and comforting stone said to mellow down your thoughts and emotions, support decision-making and allow acceptance in difficult circumstances.


Pacer Folding Treadmill from LifePro (

Home workouts are convenient, but large and bulky cardio equipment for home use can be difficult to store. However, the Pacer Folding Treadmill is one electric treadmill resolving this problem courtesy of its hydraulic folding mechanism providing easier storage. This more compact home exercise machine boasts an impressive size and motor without sacrificing convenience. Built-in shelves and plugs allows you to listen to your favorite music or podcasts with included built-in speakers. Bluetooth connects to your favorite fitness apps, allowing you to track your progress and goals.. Calculate your BMI using the built-in body fat calculator to track your weight-loss goals. Use the chest belt monitor and benefit from three additional heart rate training programs. Its backlit LCD displays show incline, distance, time, calories, pulse and speed. Dozens of preset training programs, three customizable exercise programs, three heart rate training programs and unlimited manual programs provide various workouts that fit your needs. Handrail controls allow you to easily adjust speed and incline while running to make your workout as efficient as possible. Non-skid pads protect your floors and keep you safe while running. The Pacer Treadmill is easy to assemble right out of the box and includes live support for as long as you own your Pacer.

truMedic’s IMPACT Therapy Device V2 (

A great option for the athletes and fitness enthusiasts in your life, truMedic’s IMPACT Therapy Device V2 acts like a personal physical therapist on-the-go. The item is said to improve circulation, reduce post-workout muscle soreness, improve sleep and even improve posture. The truMedic IMPACT Therapy Device comes equipped with four speed settings and five interchangeable heads, which allows it to cover a wide range of applications that can be tailored to the specific needs of your full body. This impact therapy device can warm up muscles before training. enhance performance or assist in muscle recovery post-exercise. With quick taps of energy, this device relieves sore muscles and enhances recovery even from the toughest workouts. In addition to quickly relieving soreness, the massager is powered by an incredibly quiet, brushless motor so it stays discreet when others are around. It’s portable, lightweight, cordless and comes with a carrying case, making this massager easy to use whenever and wherever it’s needed. It also boasts a long-lasting charge so it can operate the device for up to four hours on a single charge. This means there’s no need to re-charge it after each use. It’s no wonder the truMedic IMPACT Therapy Device V2 has reportedly been featured by Good Morning America, the New York Post, Business Insider and more.

Therapeutic ‘The Desk Light’ from Allay (

Get non-medicated relief from headache pain and anxiety, sleep better and feel less stressed with the The Desk Light from Allay. Every day light creates very large electrical signals in the eye, with a direct path to the brain. This influences everything from your mood to how you sleep. Developed by Harvard Medical School professor and neuroscientist Rami Burstein, a world leader in the science of migraine and headache pain, the innovative Allay lamp works by emitting a precise band of natural green light, which generates far smaller electrical signals to the eye and brain. The result is a calmer mind, which helps improve sleep and reduce pain—even during headaches and migraines. Experience the benefits of Allay's patented green light technology in a focused area. Allay’s The Desk Light is great for lighting up your workspace or focusing on a book before bed. Allay’s patented glow naturally soothes the brain; reducing stress, anxiety, and headaches. Its cutting-edge technology features simple touch controls and includes a built-in wireless charger for your phone. The Allay team is focused on one simple mission: to help people with light sensitivity emerge from the darkness and get back to doing what they love. While many can benefit from this innovative product, it’s especially helpful for pregnant women and nursing moms who are not able to use the stronger prescription migraine medications or when acceptable over-the-counter headache medications don’t work well enough. Plus many expecting/new moms aren’t comfortable taking any medication at all, not to mention sleep deprivation struggles amid new baby life. Plus, this Allay lamp works on little ones who have a hard time getting to sleep, too!

COOLCURA Feng Fu Ice Therapy Device (

COOLCURA puts a modern twist on traditional Feng Fu Ice Therapy by providing a comfortable, easy to use method to enjoy the many benefits--including allowing you to sit back and let the cooling effect ease your mind, body and soul. The Feng Fu Spot, located where the end of the neck and base of the skull meet, was recognized in Chinese Medicine as an important pressure point for overall health and well-being. Modern medicine confirms that the Feng Fu Spot is nerve central for many of the nerves controlling blood supply. Applying ice to your Feng Fu spot for 15 to 20 minutes is believed to cause your body to respond by releasing endorphins into the bloodstream, resulting in a euphoric, relaxed feeling. Feng Fu Ice Therapy is similar to acupuncture, but instead of needles, one uses the reusable stainless steel ice pod. The coldness cools down inflammation and quickly and effectively delivers the desired results. However, placing ice cubes directly on this spot can be cumbersome and messy ... until now. The COOLCURA line of products have been uniquely designed with convenience and accessibility in mind to provide users with the desired benefits of Feng Fu Ice Therapy. Developed by husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Brian Adams and Barbara Canellis, COOLCURA devices feature a unique design that allows anyone to experience Feng Fu Ice Therapy, but without the mess of melting ice or the difficulty of holding the ice in the correct location.

Gel Manicure Kit from Enova (

There are lots of things we learned to do for ourselves over the course of the pandemic, with mani’s and pedi’s among them. Now, getting a more professional gel manicure is easier than ever with the one-step Gel Manicure Kit from Enova Cosmetics. Ditch the time constraints and say “buh bye” to those annoying cords with this gel and portable lamp kit. United, these two bad girls give you the opportunity to perfect your claws anywhere, at any time. Designed for the on-the-go busy woman in mind, the brand’s one-step, mess-free gel polish system creates gorgeous nails in no time. With it, clean, manicured nails are possible without the high cost or time-consuming process common with other home sets. Enova’s one-step gel polish comes in many different shades and colors with a high-gloss shine. No base coat or primer is needed and the gloss can last up to two weeks. The mini cordless on-the-go nail lamp is a game-changer for the perfect mani any time of the year. Its quick-drying power takes only 30-60 seconds under the LED lamp or one- to two-minutes under the UV light. Each product is Solvent- and BPA-Free with no toluene or formaldehyde. A perfect manicure just got easier and the possibilities are endless.

Olura Eno Skincare Device from Olura (

Skincare is self-care and after a long, hard year, self-care is one of the best gifts you can give your loved one...and yourself! The OLURA Eno Device is a skincare gift that keeps on giving. It is the only patented, dual-sided device that uses ultrasonic technology for facial-like results at home. On one end, a gentle ultrasonic exfoliating spatula helps clear clogged pores and remove dull dead skin; on the other, an ultrasonic infusion disk pulses 350,000 times per second to increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, sculpt facial muscles and infuse product into skin. This single tool includes three rave-worthy functions: gentle exfoliation, nourishing infusion, and facial sculpting. The Olura Eno Device uses ultrasound as opposed to other technologies like traditional microdermabrasion, exfoliating blades, light therapy, home use lasers, micro-current and your basic cleansing brushes. Because it is versatile enough for use on all skin types, it addresses a full range of skincare issues with results that can be seen and felt immediately. The company assures its customers that the device is also extremely safe and easy to use. It explains that ultrasound is the one technology that can, by itself, transform a daily skincare regimen into a powerful home treatment, especially when exfoliation, infusion and sculpting capabilities are combined in one single device like the Olura Eno.

The NuDerma Skin Therapy Wand from Pure Daily Care ( Pure Daily Care’s NuDerma Skin Therapy Wand is a complete skincare system that promises to bring back that youthful glow.  As we age, our Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) production slows, which leads to the visible signs of aging like sagging skin, hair loss, age spots and other such skin imperfections.  This genius wand amplifies cell turnover by supercharging ATP synthesis that, in turn, slows, halts and ultimately reverses the visible aging process and leaves you with revitalized skin and a healthy glow.  Pure Daily Care’s NuDerma system also specializes in different areas of skin therapy like acne treatment and wrinkle reduction, but regular use promises a sweeping improvement to your skin’s overall profile. The NuDerma wand produces 10 watts of power at high frequency 50-60Hz waves, which is completely painless and effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines over time by boosting circulation and collagen production. 

Obaa LED Light Therapy Mask from Obaa (

Here’s another great way to make the ladies in your life glow on the outside the way they glow inside, courtesy of Obaa Beauty’s exclusive LED mask that can make her shine with confidence. This breakthrough LED Light Beauty Mask is wireless, designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. The FDA-cleared technology, originally developed by NASA, has been around for decades and is commonly used by dermatologists and estheticians as an in-office treatment to help revive the skin and give it an overall boost. With Obaa’s device, women can enjoy the same experience at a fraction of the cost and in the comfort of their own home. Wear the mask for as little as 10 minutes a day to speed healing, stimulate blood flow to revive dull skin, boost anti-aging properties, and kill bad bacteria. The LED mask also targets acne, enlarged pores, dry and dull skin, dark spots and reduces oil secretion. Not limited to just one function, this LED Light Beauty Mask has seven different LED light settings to target different skin concerns: acne, hyperpigmentation, dull skin, wrinkles, aging skin, and more to foster healthy, glowing skin. Obaa is a black-owned brand founded on the principle that every woman deserves to be seen and feel radiant. Obaa even means “woman” in the Twi, the prominent language in Ghana’s Ashanti tribe.

The Hip Hook from Aletha Health (

Is there someone on your gift list this year who suffers from chronic pain in the lower back, hips, tailbone, knees and feet?  Whether it’s from regular gym visits, too much holiday shopping or too much time behind a desk, they just can’t seem to find something to alleviate the angst.  For this group, the Hip Hook by Aletha Health is the perfect gift.  This device is a clever holistic tool to amp up anyone’s pain-relief arsenal. No batteries or cords are needed, as this therapeutic, doctor-recommended device is ready to go right out of the box. Just line it up with your hip bone, then roll over and apply your own body weight.  You’ll immediately feel a welcome release of tension and instant pain reduction.  Designed by a Physical therapist, this tool is a breakthrough way to get long-term pain relief, by targeting the root of the problem. It acts by releasing tension in the iliacus and psoas muscles, helping to relieve aches. The Hip Hook is an usseful tool for targeting the core, muscle-tension-causing misalignment and pain. It’s a secret weapon for increasing your full-body range of motion and symmetry.  Give the gift of long-term pain relief with this helpful invention.

Theraderm’s Peptide Repair Eye Crème (

Back in 1977, Dr. James Beckman set out to develop pioneering products dedicated to improving the overall health and appearance of his patients’ skin.  Fast forward to today, and you have one of Beckman’s most potent, anti-aging products yet—Theraderm’s Peptide Repair Eye Crème that makes an exceptional self-care gift selection this holiday. This powerful, anti-aging eye crème is formulated to reduce the appearance of under-eye lines, dark circles and puffiness, while its oil-free formula contains patented Soluble Keratin Peptides to help the skin appear firmer and younger.  Cleaning, gently removing damaged skin elements and, ultimately, repairing the skin are “the keys to the restoration of aging skin,” according to its Founder, Dr. Beckman. He now spends his time devoted to the research and development of an entire line of skin care products, like this latest eye crème.  Recommended for use before your daily moisturizer in the morning or evening, applying a thin layer to both upper and lower eyelids to draw much-needed moisture into your skin without clogging your pores.  Wake up looking refreshed and watch as continued use makes the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness a thing of the past. Add this to your list of gifts this year and be sure to tuck one aside for your own daily self-care regimen.

Beauty HP Peptide Gel & Beauty Maintenance R Cream from AFORÉ (

AFORÉ is the beginning of a new approach to beauty and skin care. Literally translated to “Beginning” or “Before,” AFORÉ aims to restore and maintain your skin in a state of before—before sun damage, before exposure to pollution and before the signs of aging. AFORÉ includes exclusively medical-grade products formulated, tested and prescribed by Dr Julius Few. AFORÉ works to restore and preserve your skin’s health and beauty to its most graceful, dynamic state. For one, the company’s Aforé Beauty Maintenance R Cream is a gentle 0.2% retinol serum designed to continually enhance skin's texture to ensure firmness and smoothness. Designed to reduce the side effects of traditional retinol serums, the AFORÉ Retinol Cream combines caffeine, green tea and hyaluronic acid to protect your skin as cell turnover increases. This product is gluten-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free and oil-free. AFORÉ also offers a Beauty HP Peptide Gel that helps firm, hydrate and restructure the skin. This product uses matrixyl, which is a peptide that supports the building of new collagen in the skin. New collagen restructures and firms the skin. Added hyaluronic acid; vitamins A, C and E; and cucumber fruit extract calm and hydrate the skin to reduce irritation and give it a full appearance. Use the HP Gel to ease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and to prepare the skin for new collagen production. Both creams are formulated for all skin types and can be used day or night.

Dermal Repair Complex Anti-Aging Dietary Supplement from Beverly Hills MD (

To repair the signs of aging in a natural way, Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour  have introduced their anti-aging dietary supplement: Dermal Repair Complex. Developed to “repair” signs of aging from the inside out, this natural dietary supplement contains a precise combination of age-fighting ingredients and scientifically-backed nutrients that help your body combat the signs of aging, energize skin cells and support a healthy skin structure. Beverly Hills MD’s Dermal Repair Complex anti-aging dietary supplement is  specifically-formulated to fight common causes of visible aging in women over 40. This supplement can be used to help prevent the sagging, fine lines, wrinkles and dullness that come with age. By fighting the effects of skin-aging hormones, decreased body moisture and collagen loss, Dermal Repair Complex helps combat sagging, wrinkles, and skin dullness at the deepest level so you can achieve truly age-defying results. This Dermal Repair Complex includes ingredients such as saw palmetto, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamins A and B. As a result, Dermal Repair Complex combats the key causes of dermal breakdown resulting in firmer, more lifted skin, reduced wrinkles and a significantly healthier appearance overall.

STRIDE Foot Cream and Foot Peel (

A great skincare routine is essential for looking and feeling your best, but there’s one part of the body that often remains largely neglected–the feet! Your feet do a lot of work for you, and that can take a toll. For those always up and about, STRIDE offers dermatologist-developed solutions for dry, calloused, rough and cracked feet. Developed by Dr. Neil Sadick, STRIDE delivers medical-grade solutions to your door to treat your toughest and most hardworking skin. Dr. Sadick brings his skincare knowledge to STRIDE to help users achieve beautiful, healthy feet. The company’s STRIDE Foot Peel is one easy step in the right direction. This product will peel away the layers of thick, calloused skin on the soles to help make feet feel and look brand new again. In just 3-14 days the peel works to shed rough, dead skin build-up and provide softer, smoother feet. STRIDE also offers a Foot Cream that can be used on its own or part of an overarching skin regimen. This treatment not only deeply nourishes parched skin but also rejuvenates and restores them to a soft, supple, post-pedi status. These products confidently keeps feet ready for resort wear any time of the year.

HeadFloater Headband from the Physicalmind Institute (

With so many hours spent hunched at a desk, headaches and migraines have unfortunately become a part of life for many people. With the HeadFloater Headband from Physicalmind Institute, you can help relieve the painful consequences of poor posture in front of a computer from the convenience of your home. HeadFloater is a neoprene headband designed to reduce “tech neck” symptoms by comfortably encompassing the skull and relieving neck pain, head pain and stress through different neck stretches. . HeadFloater is designed with internal bungee cords that connect in a figure-eight cross and attach to hand straps. The bungees compress and decompress the skull while lengthening and stretching the neck making for a pleasurable and therapeutic experience. It works harmoniously with your anatomy to stimulate and recruit deep stabilizers in the spinal muscles. Even after you feel and look better, you’ll want to continue with HeadFloater for its relaxing and centering experience. HeadFloater comes with its own mesh 4"x 5" bag and weighs 2-ounces. Perfect to take on the go and keep with you at all times to relieve stress and pain wherever you are. This equipment is produced by the PhysicalMind Institute, an organization that teaches and promotes the valuable work of the late Joseph Pilates.

Paperback Book: Committed: Finding Love and Loyalty Through the Seven Archetypes by from Carmen Harra (

Some gifts—like love, loyalty, understanding, and self-actualization—are intangible. But, this holiday season, you can make those intangible concepts accessible with the book, “Committed: Finding Love and Loyalty Through the Seven Archetypes” by Carmen Harra. Intended to make you reevaluate how you think about love, this book is a relationship manual that unfolds in two parts: the work you’ll need to perform on the inside and the seven distinct archetypes you’ll encounter on the outside. In the first part of Committed, you’ll learn how to reexamine core beliefs you hold about commitment and relinquish harmful assumptions. This will help you or your loved one liberate yourself from people and places that no longer serve you and habits that hinder your relationship potential. It also helps readers develop an unshakable sense of self-worth so that you give love not just to another partner, but to the right partner. The second half of Committed will teach you how to identify your partner’s archetype as well as his or her strengths, weaknesses, mindset, inclinations and commitment capacity. Love and dating can look a bit different these days, but this book helps readers navigate successfully through the world of online and in-person dating. It provides instruction onhow to apply real-world solutions to resolve any relationship problem. This one-of-a-kind paperback is a gift that just may improve the lives of those you love.

***FOR CHILDREN*** ‘A Little Spark’ Children’s Book (

Whether gifting for the holidays, a birthday, Valentine’s Day or “just because,” children’s literature is a timeless gift that can impact the recipient, families and society at-large in meaningful ways. This truth is exemplified with “A Little Spark” children’s book authored by Chris Parsons—a truly unique title that was recently awarded the prestigious Mom's Choice Award Gold Medal for best in family-friendly media. Fittingly so, as this distinctive interactive, read-along chapter book is centered around the noble theme of finding, and doing, good in the world. A Little Spark is redefining children’s literature by driving its overarching message home by combining a compelling narrative and cast of identifiable characters with full color illustrations; a custom-scored musical soundtrack of original songs accessible through QR Codes while reading the book; an audiobook featuring delightful performances; fun on-and-offline activities; and invaluable life lessons that are highlighted throughout each chapter. It’s a heartening activity to enjoy with young children, grandchildren and students.

***FOR PET LOVERS*** Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar (

Handy for pet owners is the Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar, Launch Edition. It is the only virtual pet containment and wellness system with shock-free geofence technology, allowing pet parents to monitor and track their dog’s location, safety and health. Powered by the patented Kognition platform, Wagz provides a total, connected pet lifestyle designed to give your dog a voice, strengthening your bond while ensuring their safety, health and happiness. The Freedom Collar, paired with the Wagz App and a cellular network subscription plan, allows your furry friend to enjoy true freedom with the ability to create and save multiple, customizable, shock-free geofences anywhere on a map—even crossing rivers, streams and uneven terrain. It’s like having a customizable fenced-in backyard wherever you go—no fence, no-shock, no worries. Wagz also continues to optimize owners’ experiences by sending updates over the air, creating a complete solution that grows with you and your dog. The company’s Freedom Smart Collar provides real-time GPS location and tracks valuable insights into a dog’s overall wellbeing, updating owners regularly with a Health & Happiness Score based on step count, daily exercise, sleep time, breed and more. The collar includes two removable, rechargeable batteries and a safety light for enhanced visibility at night, as well as ambient temperature alerts notifying owners when it is too hot or cold for their dog. The Freedom Collar, Launch Edition, is recommended for dogs 15 pounds or larger.

HandsOn Pet Groming Gloves (

Pet lovers everywhere rejoice at this pair of HandsOn Gloves. This award-winning product is used to de-shed, bathe and groom your pets. Use these gloves to give your furry friend a “HandsOn” massage while also getting a great—and easy—groom. In fact, the HandsOn Gloves make grooming so easy that cats, dogs, horses, and even livestock probably won’t even know they’re being groomed and de-sheded. Wonderfully effective, the HandsOn Gloves reportedly outperform traditional curry combs, bathing mitts, shedding blades, metal bristles and many de-shedders on the market. They can be used on any hair coats—long, short, double-coated and non-shedding coats as well as for bathing and daily grooming needs. Made of durable and flexible material, the HandsOn Gloves don’t rip or pull hair out like traditional grooming and de-shedding tools can do, making it a pain-free process for your animals. Just throw on these gloves and give your pet a massage that’ll bring out their natural shine and healthy coat. The gloves come in various sizes, from sizes junior through x-large, and in a variety of colors to fit any pet-owners’ preferences. What’s more, these gloves are latex-free, hypoallergenic-designed and easy-to-clean for convenience. The company reports that HandsOn has been recognized by Pet Business, American Pet Products Association and American Pet Professionals for its innovative, revolutionary approach to solving problems. All with the goal of producing the highest-quality products for the world’s top trainers and athletes, to the everyday animal lover.


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