Understanding Women’s Hair Loss: Prevention and Treatment

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Experiencing hair loss can be emotional and stressful. If you have always had a full head of hair, the shock of losing it can leave you lost as to what could have caused it, if you can prevent it from falling out even more, or if there are treatments to help you feel like your old self again. In times like this, you need to understand more about hair loss. With more knowledge, you gain more power over your hair and can regain confidence quickly.

If you are experiencing hair loss or want to do everything possible to prevent this, this guide has you covered.

How To Prevent Hair Loss

Each person who experiences hair loss does so because of a different cause. This could be stress, medication, pregnancy, extreme hair care, trichotillomania, trauma, or autoimmune diseases. Therefore, there are lots of prevention methods available, too. For example, stress could cause hair loss, so to prevent hair loss, you have to minimize your stress levels. To prevent hair loss because of extreme hair care, there are multiple changes you can make to your life. Stop using high-heat styling tools, avoid bleaching your hair and wearing your hair in styles that will pull your hair away from your scalp (think high ponytails and tight braids), and use a soft brush. Even how you brush could prevent hair loss. Gently brush in one direction from top to bottom.

Unfortunately, certain reasons for hair loss, including medical conditions and medications, mean there isn’t much more prevention you could do other than take care of your hair and avoid stress. Your doctor may recommend you stop taking your medication for a while, but this doesn’t solve your long-term issue. Treatments are going to help battle your hair loss.

Treatments For Hair Loss

Whether your hair loss occurred before you started your prevention methods or your medication or health condition has caused the issue, you have many options for treating this. First, to narrow it down, assess what type of hair loss you are experiencing. For example, if you have lost hair from your eyebrows because of overplucking, natural aging, or scars, you can opt for eyebrow reconstruction treatment.

However, if your hair loss is on the top of your head, after a consultation that determines the cause, you may find one of the following hair loss treatments is just what you need:

  • Hair Transplant

A hair transplant, like the FUE transplant, will take hair from the back or sides of your head and move it to where you are experiencing hair loss. When implanted at the right angle, it will look natural and blend in with your hair.

  • Hair Loss Medication

You may find yourself better suited to taking medication. While this will help you stimulate new hair growth, it should not be classed as growth medication, as the purpose of it is to stop hair from thinning or falling out.

  • Advanced Tricho Pigmentation

If your hair loss has resulted in very little or no hair, you can have treatment to create very real-looking hair follicles using natural pigments. This is a great alternative for people who cannot have a hair transplant. By the end of the treatment, your head should showcase a full head of hair. 

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