Viktor Mitic's Bullet Hole Paintings Make a Peaceful Statement in a Violent World

Yugoslavian-born, Canadian-based artist Viktor Mitic is no stranger to guns. He learned how to use firearms by serving time in the Serbian army. But these days, he is more interested in drawing attention to senseless acts of violence with his signature bullet hole paintings. His other pieces, including acid rain works and sculptures, have a similar message about the destructive nature of things, whether deliberate or accidental. Recently Mitic’s bullet-riddled painting of Justin Bieber was stolen, after making its debut at a Toronto International Film Festival event. His artwork, appraised at $18,000, was missing from the Campbell House Museum at Queen St. W. and University Ave. The thief was arrested and charged with theft over $5,000 and the police returned the painting to the museum. He later revealed he had admired the painting and had taken it on a dare. The painting did receive some damage and will be in need of repair. Police are pressing charges even though Viktor decided not to pursue it further. Just another day in the life of Viktor Mitic.

JustLuxe talked to Viktor about his foray into bullet hole paintings, and the controversy and the crimes that have arisen as a result of his creations.

Carly Zinderman

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