Virginia Robinson Gardens Annual Fundraiser at the Beverly Hills Garden Club

The "Virginia Robinson Gardens" annual fundraiser was a beautiful affair filled with flowers, champagne cocktails, objects of beauty and a good cause championed by the Beverly Hills Garden Club. Life, as it was meant to be lived and enjoyed in a gentler more elegant time. There simply isn't a more perfect affair, to begin the summer season in Beverly Hills. The Virginia ROBINSON Gardens, is the original property of VIRGINIA ROBINSON one of Los Angeles' most famous hostesses, so this event is truly a VIP social occasion when you are invited.

As you enter the property, you are greeted by friendly hostesses, gorgeous floral displays, and a host of decorated vignettes, showcasing the house. As you wind your way throughout the property, there are surprises in store at each turn designed to delight your senses with color, style, luxury and light. The once a year gala highlights all things green and to fundraiser for the historic property to keep Virginia's vision alive. The Country and city work together in partnership with the volunteers to keep the property maintained, and it's a great example of how these community leaders came together towards this common goal. Tirelessly working to maintain its beauty, the mansion and gardens are truly one of the last spectacular properties in Beverly Hills that hearkens back to another time. 'California Style' mixed with European elegance, makes the mansion and gardens just like the French Riviera in feeling, with the rear swiming pool and Cabana the crowning glory of the property as you stand at the top of the steps.  

The local florists, decorators and designers roll out their finest displays and you will never see more floral elegance in one place all at once. The large scale decorations, peonies in particular, were the flower of the day, displayed at the entrance in a tall Antique Urn, and then again in the "Pink Cartier" room, where a portrait of Virginia herself, graces the room. The library, side rooms and other smaller spaces all held delights as you walked through. The exit to the gardens was beautifully done by Anthropologie, who set up a boho chic space and a garden table top that was inspiring for the summer with its riot of colors and textures. The dining room, designed by florist "Stephanie Grace" was all about the theme "roses are red..." sharing an amazing array of reds, pinks and shades in between. As you passed through to the exterior Loggia, MAYFAIR HOUSE created a lush creme, white and pale green setting in the Loggia that complimented the sterling silver and crystal accessories. Dripping with elegant luxury, the table setting was like a treasure hunt that revealed something unique as it unfolded before you. So, for sheer luxury, MAYFAIR HOUSE took the "Best in Show" award for opulence and gorgeous floral displays were also notable. Stephanie Grace did the honors as best Color combinations of the day, with her riot of roses, hot pinks and ballet pinks mixed into a centerpiece that graced the dining room space. A French Chef was preparing delicious apple tarts and desserts in traditional French style that were authentic in their taste and conception.  Heading out of the kitchen vegetable garden was another perfectly turned out designer lettuce patch where Peter Rabbit and friends would have been honored to dig about.  As you headed to the tennis courts for a fine display of silent auction items, it was clear that there was not one detail left out.

Planned so that it revealed itself as you dug deeper (much like the idea of a garden itself) this event is topped by a delicious lunch and dessert bar with friendly and attentive staff. The lemon coconut cake was my favorite dessert and was perfect with traditional champagne cocktails that were served in tinted vintage glasses from Anthropology. A nice touch, indeed. I hope you'll visit this delightful place and consider a donation, so that everyone can enjoy it for years to come. 

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