VPN for Travelers: a Need or a Treat?

We don't need to use a VPN service while traveling. True? Or myth?

Have you ever been abroad connecting to public Wi-Fi signals browsing your email, social accounts, and watching your favorite TV-shows online? Probably yes. Did you do it via your smartphone, laptop, or tablet? Actually, it doesn't matter. If you don't have a VPN service installed all of these devices are equally in danger. Why? Let us explain.

All travelers without exception should know how a VPN can keep them safe and secure while being on the road. The first thing before going on a holiday (even if it is a luxurious resort or hotel) should be installing a VPN. And here you have a plenty of choices, whether it is ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish VPN or something else (for more info go to, just have it installed.

VPN for Travelers: Privacy and Security

Just imagine a situation when you get hacked while using unsecured Wi-Fi in a cafe, airport, hotel room, or by the pool. Even the most luxurious hotels and resorts can't guarantee that your phone or laptop won't be hacked by cyber criminals while using public Wi-Fi networks. Professional hackers and cybercriminals use it as the fastest and the most effective way for virtual attacks.

What kind of information can hackers get via unprotected Wi-Fi signals?

·      social media passwords;

·      social media usernames;

·      bank name;

·      personal photos;

·      apps installed;

·      they can also easily download spy programs on your device, etc.

When you think you're sending some kind of information privately to your bank, it can be stolen by going through someone else's device before it gets to the Internet. That's exactly how hackers work via unprotected Wi-Fi signals.

What does it like when you have a VPN service on your phone or laptop?

VPNs encrypt all your Internet traffic and hide it from anyone else who is using the same Wi-Fi network as you.

The market for VPN services is huge enough to find something for you particularly. There are free and paid, simple and updated, cheap and expensive VPNs for everyone. Everything depends on your personal preferences and requirements.

Additional Bonus

VPNs are not only about security and privacy. They also help you to reach geo-blocked content almost in any part of the world. For example, you can avoid a situation when relaxing by the pool in Ibiza you get an error «This content can be viewed from within the USA only». In this case, a VPN is a perfect solution for getting rid of those restrictions.

As you can see, a VPN is not an additional upgrade of your device. It is an essential element of secure and private Internet browsing while being abroad.

Cassie Blake

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