Wedding Day Hair Tips Every Bride Should Know

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There is a lot that takes place at weddings, but one thing that happens at all of them is photos. There may be thousands of photographs taken, and they will be around for decades. This makes it crucial that brides like their wedding day hair, love it, and will still be happy as the anniversary rolls by. Taking the time to ensure the best wedding day hair is not as difficult or stressful as it may seem, says Tiffany Scott, a celebrity hairstylist and founder of Tiffany Scott Hair Salon.

"You do not want to have regrets regarding your wedding day hair," explains Tiffany Scott, owner of Tiffany Scott Salons and Tiffany Scott Extensions. "It’s important to treat your hair like your wedding dress. Think of your hair in advance, just like you go in for dress fittings, plan a hair appointment to make sure your color is at its best on your special day.”

All eyes will be on the bride, so the hair has to look its best. Here are some wedding day tips from Tiffany Scott:

The bride should focus on what they look like first. Hair and makeup should be the top priority. As for the look, she recommends the soft and romantic style, with a smoother overall look. Skip the harsh hairstyles or colors, which may not offer a timeless look when looking back at photos in the years to come or may distract from the overall look and event.

Aim to keep everything about the bride's look timeless and natural. This way, there won't be any looking back a decade later and feeling embarrassed about the trends that were included in the wedding photos.

Every bride should fall in love with their dress. It should make them feel happy and shout, "I'm ready to be married!" The price of the wedding dress shouldn't matter. Simply focus on how the dress makes the bride feel.

The photographer should be a high priority for every wedding. Once the bride looks and feels her best, it’s crucial to have the right person there to capture all the special moments, giving people the ability to go back and relive the special day for years to come. With the right photographer on the job, everyone can sit back and enjoy the night.

The best hairstyle includes having the right color and dimension, which is a great way to add volume. Avoid doing anything harsh to the hair, such as going too light or dark. Instead, lock in the color three months before the wedding date. Timeless wedding day hairstyles include a romantic half up half down layered twist braid with loose curls, a double twist braid with an accent feature to give the twist a focal point and add detail to the bride's hair, a classic soft curl look, and a waterfall braid for a loose soft and romantic look while adding texture.

Do not be afraid to use high-quality hair extensions to achieve a beautiful wedding day look. Whether the bride wants to enhance her look or someone suffering from hair loss or thinning hair, hair extensions can ensure a beautiful, timeless wedding day style. Even celebrities use them for special and everyday events.

"Ask yourself how you want to be remembered on your wedding day," added Scott. "There needs to be special planning that goes into the hair and makeup for every bride. That way, they feel beautiful and will look back at the photos with pride."

Hair extensions will help to ensure that the wedding day style is held all night. They are not impacted by humidity and won’t get frizzy. Rather, they hold styles and shapes longer, making them perfect for a beach wedding or dancing the night away. Plus, hair extensions can be re-used, so they should be considered an investment.  

Tiffany Scott Salon offers a full-service line specializing in high-quality hair extensions and is the only extension company offering every type of extension. The salon offers cuts, colors, styles, treatments, and four types of hair extensions. The hair extension types offered include keratin, weft, tape, and clip-in, which were the first retail items sold to customers. The salon uses only the highest quality of natural hair sourced from Europe. The extensions are provided in two natural lengths and 27 different colors. The keratin extensions are the first reusable ones on the market, and the clip-in extensions last for two years. Kelly Brianne and Selena Gomez are among the numerous celebrities who wear Tiffany Scott Extensions. 

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Photo courtesy of Tiffany Scott Salon

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