What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Business Expansion

Dr. Tyler Hales, a celebrity cosmetic dentist at Hales Aesthetic in Beverly Hills

Small businesses are the backbone of this country, making up over 99% of businesses, according to the Small Business Administration. Many entrepreneurs who have small businesses consider expansion at some point. Deciding whether or not to open a second location can be challenging, leaving many unsure about taking the leap to grow. There are some things entrepreneurs should consider to help them determine when it is the right time.

“There is no clear answer as to when it is the right time to expand, but there are some signs that will help make the decision easier," explains Dr. Tyler Hales, a celebrity cosmetic dentist at Hales Aesthetic in Beverly Hills. "Paying attention to those signs and considering a few other key factors will help keep you on course with making a solid decision.”

Dr. Hales is no stranger to deciding on expansion. He recently opened a second location of his cosmetic dentistry office in Beverly Hills. The one thing that pushed him to decide to do it was the demand. He had many patients who were driving from Los Angeles to his Orange County office. In addition, he was attending many events and networking in Los Angeles, where people repeatedly told him he needed an office in that area. 

To meet the demand and be able to serve more patients, he leaped and opened a new office in the heart of Los Angeles. Some things helped him determine that he was ready for a second location in addition to the demand, including that many customers were driving a distance to his office. He has a strong team that has made a solid connection with patients and found an ideal location.

Here are a few things he feels every entrepreneur should know about business expansion:

Market your brand wisely. It's essential to know about marketing tools so you can leverage technology to your advantage. This will help you expand your reach and make it easier for potential patients to find your business. 

Be available. People have questions and will listen to and do business with those who take the time to answer them. Make yourself available to the people so that they can get their questions answered and you can build trust with them. A large part of business success is building relationships with customers.

Team building. A strong team is crucial for any business that wants to succeed or expand. Aim to hire the best in the field because your business depends on it. The quality they bring will help build the company's reputation.

Give back. Share information and secrets with others, be a mentor and find ways to help give back to the field. It will only make the profession better, and it will build a strong community.

Understand yourself. Take the time to understand who you are and hone your skills. Once that is accomplished as a professional, you can build strong bonds with clients and rise to the top of your profession.

Work with others. It is important to know how to and be comfortable with working with others, which includes networking and expanding your support circle. This is a good way to make changes in the right direction. Making the right connections can lead to doors being opened.

Have a plan. To succeed with an expansion it is crucial that entrepreneurs have a plan in place, including outlining their strategy for success, how they will execute it, and what their goals are.

Be uncomfortable. In order to expand you have to take risks, which means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Learn to accept the feeling and challenge and move forward with confidence. 

"For me, the signs were all there that it was time to expand, and I couldn't be happier," adds Dr. Hales. "If you are wondering if it is time to expand, do some soul searching. Do not let the fear of the risk hold you back if you feel all the signs point to yes."

Hales Aesthetic has opened at 6360 Wilshire Blvd Unit 512 in Los Angeles. Dr. Hales is a specialist in cosmetic dentistry and has clients from around the world who see him for veneers and improvement to their smiles. He has many clients who are celebrities and public figures as well. People can experience the “Hales Reel Smile” effect by getting a free virtual smile consultation and smile test drive. 

Hales Aesthetic offers first in class services for veneers and renowned for their success in cosmetic dentistry.  To get more information or submit a photo for a free virtual smile consultation, visit the site at:

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