Why The Fishing Caddy is Topping the Gift List for Outdoor Enthusiasts

One of the gifts topping the list this year of those who like to spend time outdoors is The Fishing Caddy. COVID closures may have put a damper on many forms of entertainment that people typically engage in, but it hasn’t kept people from going fishing. In fact, with it being an activity that people can do and easily socially distance, the number of people heading out to fish around the nation has increased during the pandemic.

“This is the perfect time to introduce people to fishing, as well as to get more time in doing it yourself,” explains Joe Pippins, creator and founder of The Fishing Caddy. “Plus, The Fishing Caddy makes each outing more enjoyable, making it the perfect holiday gift this year for outdoor enthusiasts.”

Spending time outdoors in a socially distanced manner during the pandemic, people can gain benefits from being in nature. In research published in the journal Scientific Reports last year, researchers reported that spending time in natural environments can benefit health and well-being. Their research shows that when people spend at least 120 minutes per week outdoors, doing any type of activity, their health or well-being became significantly greater.

Fishing is an activity that allows people to spend time in nature, soaking up the many benefits that it provides. According to the American Psychological Association, some of the additional benefits of spending time in nature include cognitive benefits and a decrease in mental distress. Additionally, spending time in nature improves vitamin D levels, helps people heal, and improves concentration. Those who bring along family members and get them involved help to create bonding experiences. 

“There has been no better time than to give people the gift of the outdoors,” added Pippins. “The Fishing Caddy not only makes it easier for people to spend time fishing, but they gain the many benefits of being outdoors. It’s the gift that gives in many different ways.”

When people give the gift of The Fishing Caddy this year, they are giving people the gift of being happier and helping them to reduce stress. Plus, the product is made in America, so people can feel good supporting something that was made here and is of good quality. The Fishing Caddy also comes with a two-year warranty.

Pippins went from selling The Fishing Caddy from his basement, to his garage, and now in big-box retailers. The product can be found online, as well as in over 3,800 locations of its newest partners, Walmart and Do It Best hardware stores. The Fishing Caddy makes a great gift because it will help ensure fishing trips are less stressful and will be enjoyed more, because it’s been designed for organization and to improve the anglers’ experience.  It’s been voted Top Made in the USA Outdoor Gift of 2017, beating out larger competition due to its novelty and modern design. 

The Fishing Caddy, which ranges in price from $69.95 to $129, was expertly designed for all types of fishing, and can be used by anglers of all ages. The caddy also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. The organization system gives people everything they need for a great fishing experience. The fishing system has been designed to help make fishing more enjoyable, and give people more time to fish, rather than track down and organize their tackle and supplies. To see a video of The Fishing Caddy benefits, visit the site at:

The Fishing Caddy is available online at Amazon and Etsy, as well as at Walmart, Do it Best, Ace Hardware, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and Scheels locations, and at the company website:

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