WonderWorks Branson to Offer Special Programs for Teachers and Schools

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Scheduled to open in spring 2020, WonderWorks Branson has several programs to engage students and teachers in the local community surrounding WonderWorks. With the introduction of their WonderKids program and their new art contest, these educational programs have been designed to give students opportunities to engage with WonderWorks before it opens. WonderWorks Branson invites area teachers and schools to learn more about their educational programs and to start planning for their classroom to be a part of the fun.

“We’re excited to offer Missouri and Arkansas schools many ways to get involved with WonderWorks. We are excited they will visit us on field trips, but we want our programs to expand far beyond that,” explains Brenda Dent, general manager of WonderWorks Branson. “The WonderKids program and our new art contest offer us some great ways to build a community with our education partners.”

A success in their other locations, WonderWorks Branson is excited to bring their WonderKids program to the area in the spring. WonderKids serves to recognize the hard of work students inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers can nominate their students in the following categories:

Academic Excellence – Going to a student who displays excellence in academia. Students nominated for this award exceed the expectations of their teachers and peers and realize the importance of educational rigor in their future.

Service to Community – Going to a student who goes above and beyond when it comes to helping others. This student demonstrates compassion and a strong aptitude of self-awareness.

Future Scientist – Going to a student who exhibits passion when it comes to science. They live each day as an innovator, hoping to one day change the world with their love of science.

When a teacher nominates a student for the WonderKids program, they are also entering their school for the chance to win a visit from a NASA astronaut. Dr. Don Thomas will visit a local school and share his story of space exploration with the students and staff. The WonderKids program currently takes place at WonderWorks Syracuse and WonderWorks Orlando. It has been successful with teachers, schools, and students, and is slated to begin at all locations beginning in 2020.

WonderWorks Branson will also be launching a local art contest, giving students the chance to submit pieces to be displayed in WonderWorks Branson upon opening. This contest will be open to students of all ages and grades. It will focus on themes ranging from “The Power of STEM” to “Honoring their Hometown.” Students will be able to submit their art pieces online for consideration beginning in January 2020.

“Now is the time for teachers to start planning ahead and get a field trip to WonderWorks on the calendar,” adds Dent. “We look forward to a strong partnership with the schools in the area, helping to engage students in learning about STEM and local history.”

WonderWorks also offers on-site STEM-focused educational demonstrations for elementary schools. These sessions provide students with hands-on learning opportunities that aim to inspire their interest in science.  

Branson will be WonderWorks’ sixth location around the nation. WonderWorks' new home was previously the Baldknobbers Theater, 2835 W 76 Country Blvd. The new location will feature the attraction’s iconic exterior – a grandiose house flipped upside down. The unique façade is part of WonderWorks’ background story. Legend says, it was once a top-secret laboratory that was lifted from the Bermuda Triangle and flipped on its roof by an experiment gone awry. From its exterior to its interior, visitors of all ages will enjoy a family-friendly, out of this world experience, which will make for some amazing memories. 

The interactive indoor amusement park offers STEM-focused activities for all ages. There are over 100 hands-on activities that are focused in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. Some of the exhibits will include the Bubble Lab, The Adventures of Professor Wonder, the Dig It! interactive sandbox, an illusion art gallery, and the Xtreme 360 Bikes. For more information on WonderWorks, visit their website at:

Photo courtesy of WonderWorks
Photo courtesy of WonderWorks

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