Worlds Largest Opal Matrix found in Australia

Worlds Largest Opal

A behemoth of an Opal Matrix has just been found in the opal fields of South Australia. The stone which is a whoppingly unbelievable 55,000 carats in size is currently in Australia and was found by noted designer Stuart Hughes and his associates.

The opal is about 30 cms in length with a height of 15-20 cms and a 4 cm thickness. Its estimated value is at least 1 million dollars USD. However as far as opals go, this one has set the benchmark which is certainly going to remain for the next few years. Historically, the largest opal found so far was just 6,100 carats in size. The current one is nearly ten times that size.

Given that Stuart Hughes loves his fancy stones and precious elements – its going to be fun to see what he can dream up with this world record setter of an opal.

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