Wyoming Critter Tour

Located in Jackson Hole, Spring Creek Ranch is a 1,000-acre oasis surrounded by who’s who of the wilderness world: Grand Teton Mountains, Yellowstone National Park and National Elk Refuge . . . along with Wyoming’s wildlife calling these haunts home. 

Under the guidance of Kurt Johnson, the Ranch’s first-to-be-named resident naturalist, and armed with spotting scopes, high-powered binoculars and the specialist’s innate intuition, guests get a backstage pass to the majestic menagerie. 

What critters can one expect to see in this land of ranchers and wranglers? It varies with the season. 

In winter, large animals move less, making them easier to spot; frequent sightings include moose, deer, bison and thousands of elk. 

Spring brings the birth of large mammals; bison in early May, followed by elk, moose and deer. And exclusively Wild West is the possibility of sighting a newly-emerged bear from its long hibernation. 

Though short-lived, summer’s wildflower season is intense perfection – white phlox, buttercups and yellow bells are among the first to colorfully decorate the meadows. An entertaining bonus: observing the season’s awkward newborns.

Fall features the fluttering of brilliant gold aspen and robust red cottonwood trees and the distinctive opportunity to hear elk bugling – the characteristic call of the bull elk in mating season.

Called Wildlife Safaris, they’re offered year around. To learn more, go to

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