Christie Brinkley Talks Bucket Lists, Elephants & Travel

Christie Brinkley

Photo Credit: Gian Andrea di Stefano

Since a photographer discovered Christie Brinkley when she was studying art in Paris, she has been one of the most recognized faces in the world.

Appearing on more than 500-magazine covers worldwide, photographed in more than 30 countries and on six continents, Brinkley is noted for her Sports Illustrated photos, where she was the first model to appear on the cover for three consecutive years, as well as holding the longest running contract with cosmetics giant Covergirl. 

This summer, Brinkley will host the Social Life Magazine St. Barth’s Gala in the Hamptons, as well as being featured as the July cover model. In her recent Social Life interview, Christie talks with Lizabeth Zindel about her bucket list, her love for animals, what makes her laugh, and more.

Christie Brinkley

On her bucket list:

“I want to drive across America and sail around Greece and Sicily. I want to see the Aurora Borealis and the icebergs before they disappear. I want to speak fluent Italian and learn to dance hip hop,”

On what makes her laugh:

“My kids and friends, my puppies, music, trying to dance, SNL, Stephen Colbert, and trying to yodel always cracks me up.”

Christie Brinkley

On her love for animals and her work with “Hands Off Our Elephant”

“We were looking for elephants to be in the background of our Sports Illustrated Swimsuit pictures when we suddenly broke through some bushes, and I found myself eye to eye with a surprised and angry mother protecting her baby. She raised her trunk and trumpeted a warning! If I had large ears, I would have flapped them back at her [but] we clapped our car doors to show that we meant business too! We were two moms willing to die to protect our babies. I knew from that day forward I would always love and try to do my part to protect this matriarchal society of loving, intelligent, majestic animals.”

For info on St. Barth Hamptons event, click here.

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