Wealth Whispers: Subtle, Luxurious Ways to Elevate Women’s Style

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Elevating your style doesn’t always have to be over the top. As quiet luxury continues to take the fashion world by storm, more women are putting a premium on subtle yet luxurious fashion items that do not scream extravagance. Characterized by understated exhibits of opulence and high-quality craftsmanship, the quiet luxury trend helps you embrace minimalism while still looking chic. 

There are many ways to amp up your looks and aesthetic without flashy displays of wealth. Through timeless fashion pieces and quality craftsmanship that help you accentuate your style, you can still look expensive without showing off. Here are some subtle, luxurious ways to elevate women’s fashion: 

Carry luxury travel bags

A simple leather bag doesn't have to look bland, especially if you want to focus on looking lowkey and elegant. Our previous article on travel bags features the Gladstn London bags, designed by former business executive Richard Sharman to be the ultimate carryall. By using Europe's finest leathers and the revival of a nearly-extinct handcrafting process done by senior master artisans, these bags are truly the epitome of understated style with exclusive craftsmanship. These bags also have hardware handcrafted by Florentine jewelers and bathed in satin Palladium, as well as linings made of Alcantara fabric for a soft cashmere feel. You can try their Freedom of the City handbag or the Hampton Bag if you want a stylish travel companion. 

Sport classic sunglasses

You can never go wrong with a pair of classic sunnies, especially if you want to look fashionable while staying under the radar. Ray-Ban is an example of a luxury eyewear brand that offers timeless sunglasses for women to help you achieve the quiet luxury aesthetic. Try their iconic designs, like the Clubmaster Classic and Aviators, for a subtle display of opulence. These sunglasses are made of premium materials like high-end metals, lenses, and acetates that are meticulously selected and manufactured through cutting-edge techniques for a precise fit. Ray-Ban sunglasses are available on online retailer Clearly, as well as through Ray-Ban stores and other retailers.

Choose understated but quality clothing

If you want to look expensive without being too lavish, then opting for an ensemble that's modest yet elegant will do the trick. Loro Piana is a good source of high-quality clothing pieces for women that you can try or draw inspiration from. It's currently one of the flag bearers for quiet luxury, and it's not hard to see why this brand is so popular. Their designs are made of the finest silk, cotton, and linen fabrics, as well as more premium materials like Cheviot, cashmere, baby cashmere, and vicuña wool. Achieve a polished look with their Ashley Jacket, Sander Coat, and The Gift of Kings Pants.

Put on a pair of voguish footwear

You’ll only need a few pairs of shoes with specific styles for certain occasions, so make it count by selecting quality, classic options that will last you years. You can choose from Vogue's selection of shoes for women, which highlights specific pairs and styles you can wear for different occasions. But if you’re looking for a versatile, casual pair, you can try the Sirius Leather and Suede Sandals from Neous. These sandals are made of 100% high-end lambskin material, leather, and suede and are handmade to ensure precise designs and attention to detail. 

Adding a luxurious touch to your style doesn’t have to be exaggerated or extravagant. Sometimes, all you need are low-profile items made with top-end materials to help refine your outfit.

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