Food Channel's Food Trends of 2010

Food & Spirits: It's a new year, and that means we the people get to experience new food. The Food Channel put together a list of 10 predictions as to what will be hot this year.

Here is a brief rundown:

1. "Keeping it Real" As the economic downturn carries on, the Food Channel predicts that home cooks will stock the basics, and less unusual luxury ingredients.

2. "Experimentation Nation" Another result of the economy is that fine dining isn't what used to be. Rather than sitting down at private tables in high-end restaurants, the dining concept is in flux. This new wave of eating out includes food trucks serving up sushi and cupcakes in LA to gastropubs, fusion dining, shareables,and communal tables.

3. "More in Store" Name brands aren't what they used to be and generics are coming up and taking over. Stores are also upscaling their takeout and deli selections, offering gourmet options and better ingredients.

4. "American, the New Ethnic" The American melting pot is thinking outside the typical hamburger bun and cooking up new favorites with an ethnic twist. This trend redefines "ethnic cooking" and brings it home to the kitchen.

5. "Food Vetting" As consciousness of climate change moves into the kitchen, more and more people are becoming interested in where their food comes from. This trend is also known as "sourcing" and the Food Channel has labeled it as the "new luxury food," because buying local can increase the price tag.

6. "Mainstreaming Sustainability" As environmental concern grows, sustainability is flowing into the mainstream to ensure that food is grown and sourced responsibly, with as little damage as possible.

7. "Food with Benefits℠" Goes beyond fortifying milk with vitamins to adding nutrients to various food to maximize nutritional value.

8. "I want my Umami" Transforms foodie from a gourmet snob to a food lover. This trend is based on the Japanese fifth taste sensation, which can be found in unexpected flavor combinations.

9. "Will Trade for Food"Fashionistas have already started swapping for bags and clothes, a trend which the Food Channel predicts will carry over into food. Think food swaps, homemade gifts for store bought, etc.

10. "I, Me, Mine" On the other side of sharing plates is more catering to the individual, from large companies to unique dining experiences.

Carly Zinderman

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