Lauren Conrad Debuts paper crown This Month

Reality TV sweetheart and bona fide success story, Lauren Conrad, is scheduled to debut her new collection the first week in August. paper crown is classic designs, matched with top-tier fabric and excellent fit, creating instant staples for any woman's closet — all designed by Lauren herself.

Everything from chic blazers, cocktail dresses and beach maxis make up the collection, with an emphasis on neutral hues and understated pastels. Each individual piece is easy to mix and match; dress up, dress down, wear to work or for a night out on the town.

Conrad, whose high school turmoil and real-life escapades played out for an audience on national television, has since turned herself from a reality show personality to entrepreneur, successful author, and brand ambassador. In an interview with Teen Vogue, Lauren describes the line as "a modern take on classic style. Understatedly elegant, effortless and lovely."

As far as muses and inspirations go, she keeps her target market in mind, but wants to make clothes she would wear herself. "I wouldn't include a piece in my collection that I wouldn't wear personally — besides, half of the fun of designing is getting to wear the clothing."

Designing stole Lauren's heart, which lead her to create paper crown. "paper crown is a passion project. I created the line because I'm in love with the process of design, and I wanted to have my own contemporary collection that allowed me to follow my own rules," she says. Like many other fashion students, Lauren went through an internship to help with her career. Most students don't get the opportunity to work at Teen Vogue, however.

"During my time at Teen Vogue, I learned about trend forecasting. We would shoot editorials three months before they would appear in the magazine. This is important when you are designing pieces that won't hit stores for another six months." paper crown's fall collection hits stores this month, and Conrad will be on the road doing store events with Nordstrom to promote the line.

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