Paris Hilton Launches Her Shoe Line in Istanbul

Paris Hilton touched down at Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport at about 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday where she was welcomed by her "Istanbullu" fans. "I am very excited about being back in Istanbul, it is a very beautiful city. I missed the Bosphorus Tour in Istanbul and her night clubs," Hilton told reporters minutes after she arrived from London.

As soon as she landed, Hilton took to Twitter to inform her fans, saying: "Hey everyone! I arrived to Turkey and I am already well into enjoying my stay. Our hotel is absolutely breathtaking and cannot wait to see the rest of the city, I love coming here!"

After attending a press conference at the W Hotel today, Hilton went to one of Istanbul's luxury shopping malls - Istinye Park - to promote her new shoe line. Shoppers and fans were given a chance to meet Paris up-close by purchasing a pair of shoes from her collection at Istinye Park Divaresse Store. A specially designed bracelet that was given to those who purchased a pair of shoes served as a ticket to meet the socialite.

Paris Hilton is heading to Mumbai, India on September 24, 2011. There she will stay three nights and four days, introducing her line of handbags and accessories. Paris’ fashion collection is now featured in 30 stores across 35 countries including Philippines, Bahrain and Malaysia.

Rana Babac

In the last 10 years, Rana Babaç has held different executive positions in both media and entertainment industries. From managing marcom activities of a portfolio of international media and luxury brands (incl. Walt Disney, Land Rover, Hilton and ViaCom) at Grayling International's Turkey office, to playing a pivotal role in organizing international sports events such as Redbull Air Race 2007,...(Read More)

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