Prada RTW Spring 2014: What Just Happened?

I think I know fashion pretty well. I can keep an open mind about artistic shows, conceptual pieces and the avant-garde, but Prada’s show during Milan Fashion Week left me completely baffled. There was great use of color and layers that will most likely be replicated on the streets of New York during the chilly early spring months, but can someone please explain the bra pieces worn over the clothes? I thought we were long past the days where we layered on every garment in our mother’s drawers and ran around the house—apparently I was mistaken.

Marissa Stempien

Marissa Stempien is a freelance writer and editor with a focus on travel, fashion, lifestyle, and culture. Her work has been featured in a number of print and online publications including ABC News, Popsugar, Huffington Post, JustLuxe, Luxury Living and CityGirlGoneMom. Marissa is an avid traveler and is always looking to visit somewhere new or unexplored. Her unique lifestyle has given way to her...(Read More)

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