A Sky High Catwalk Takes Fashion to the Top of the Hoover Dam

A marvel of modern engineering, the Hoover Dam is often considered one of the man-made wonders of the world. This summer, the 1,244 foot long structure is not only holding the Colorado River at bay; it is now heralding a new career as a fashion landmark. Jessica Minh Anh will bring her annual summer fashion show to the top of the structure, showcasing the work of international haute couture designers from Peru, Malaysia, Turkey and more. Anh hopes to broadcast a message about utilitizing renewable energy with her show, stating that, “I’m always drawn to spectacular mega structures, especially those that benefit mankind. Hoover Dam controls floods while providing water and electricity to millions of homes. It is truly a monument of human accomplishment against the rules of nature. I cannot think of a better venue to celebrate the best of modern architecture, culture, fashion, and technology."

Kat Ward

Kat Ward is the Assistant Editor at JustLuxe. She gets to call sunny San Diego home, but has lived in 4 other countries and most recently returned from a stint in the United Kingdom. When she isn't working or traveling, Kat can be found practicing yoga, enjoying a glass of Cabernet, or playing ukulele to one of her dogs. ...(Read More)

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