G-Star Launches World's First AI-Designed Denim Collection

The world’s first fashion brand to bring an AI-generated design to life with the AI Denim Cape.

Brands continue to discover the possibilities of AI-generated fashion.  The denim experts at G-Star RAW are taking things to the next level, as the first fashion retailer to take an AI-generated design off the screen and into the workshop. The result is a unique piece of denim couture, showing how AI is being used in the real world. 

To create the innovative garment, named the “AI Denim Cape,” G-Star RAW’s core design team worked together with artificial intelligence app Midjourney to come up with 12 unique designs, using a series of prompts. The 12 resulting concepts are a unique combination of cutting edge technology and timeless design.

One AI-generated concept was then chosen to be brought to life by hand in the G-Star atelier - resulting in an original RAW denim couture piece.  Made from premium raw denim and featuring futuristic 3D ‘G’ shapes on the arms, an adjustable waistband, detailed stitching patterns on the chest and subtle G-Star branding on the left inner side, the AI Denim Cape combines new age technology with G-Star’s signature design aesthetic. As a one-of-a-kind garment, it showcases G-Star’s denim expertise and precision craftsmanship. Craftsmanship that only humans are capable of. 

From Chat GPT to Midjourney, artificial intelligence is fast becoming essential for work and life. Yet, rather than seeing AI as a competitor, G-Star RAW has embraced it as a creative collaborator – using artificial intelligence to push the limits of denim design in an innovative partnership between technology and human craft.                                       

"Innovation is ingrained in the G-Star DNA. We believe in giving our fashion designers the freedom to bring their dreams through AI," said Gwenda van Vliet, CMO of G-Star RAW. "While anyone could make a design using AI, at G-Star RAW, we have the craftsmanship to make those designs into real garments. We should see AI as enhancing the creative process, rather than taking it over.”                                             

The newly designed AI Denim Cape will ultimately be displayed at the G-Star RAW Antwerp store in Belgium, as the world’s first garment designed by Artificial Intelligence and created in reality.

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