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I have always been a fan of Borghese, a brand originally developed by Princess Marcella Borghese of Italy back in the 50s. I used the company’s products for years, however the line seemingly disappeared from department stores back in the 90s. Apparently though, the brand never went away entirely and is currently making quite the come back as we speak. When I received an invitation to try (or retry I should say) Borghese, I was thrilled and happy to find the same wonderful results from a name I had held in such esteem in the past.

Fango Active Mud for Face & Body
I have been a very longtime fan of Fango Mud, a thick mask made from volcanic mud located in only a single place on the planet: a small region of Italy. Slather this stuff on and let it drench your skin in nutrients. This is not just for your face, you can put this miracle mud anywhere… and it will do wonders. Sometimes it tingles, other times it’s soothing, regardless Fango reduces blemishes of all kinds to a minimum in just a few minutes. $64, 17.6 oz

Fango Ristorativo
Borghese carries a handful of different Fango masks, this one I had not tried before. Fango Ristorativo I found to be refreshing and left my skin a more even tone. With summer around the corner I would imagine this mask to be wonderful during the days when you are exposing your skin to the sun a bit more frequently. The ingredients in this formula are thick with nutrients and minerals that I am happy to report softened and rehydrated my skin. $64, 17.6 oz

Botanico Eye Compresses
If you are in the need for a pick-me-up after a late night out or lack of sleep, these will do it. Take the five minutes to regenerate your eyes the morning after a rocky night and that dry, tired feeling gives way to bright eyes. Not only do they really leave you feeling refreshed, Botanico Eye Compresses also make your eyes look rejuvenated. $51, 60 compresses

Crema Saponetta Crème
I usually prefer a cleanser with a mild exfoliant to really scrub my skin clean. Cream cleansers often refuse to completely remove make-up, but the Crema Saponetta leaves my skin squeaky clean… literally. Although the “squeaky” sounds like it would be drying, it is quite the opposite. After using this cleanser for a couple of weeks my face feels softer and noticeably smoother. $32.50, 6.7 oz

Dolce Notte Night Crème
Cell turnover is one of the most important factors when it comes to restoring skin and Dolce does exactly that. We all know Vitamin A is also a huge ally to the skin and this cream is packed full of it. This nourishing cream hydrates your skin and repels impurities while you sleep, so you wake up with a supple and dewy visage. $53.50, 1.8 oz

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that a name with such a long heritage should refuse to quietly slip away. Today Borghese is not only alive and well, but sold by Lord & Taylor as well as in Bloomingdales. The brand has also introduced Villa de Borghese, a home and spa line complete with bedding, pillows, gel masks and shower brushes. As in the past, Borghese also offers a complete line of cosmetics and hair care. Lastly, you can shop for you and the man in your life, as there is an entire line of men’s care products as well. Can’t wait to check out the complete line? Head over to

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