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Courtney Driver combines her passion for luxury with her love for writing as the Executive Editor for JustLuxe. An authority on the luxury lifestyle, Driver's travel experience has come to encompass visits to some of the most lavish properties in the world, exclusive transportation methods such as helicopter and private jet, as well as exotic locales like Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. Having spent most of her life in Los Angeles, Courtney grew up interacting within the inner circles of the Hollywood entertainment industry. Over the years, Driver garnered exposure to some of the most elite celebrity properties, cultivating a unique perspective on luxury living. Courtney joined the JustLuxe team in 2007 and has written reviews on not only destinations and properties, but also products, fashion, services and the luxe lifestyle as she works to continuously further her scope of the luxury world. In her role as Executive Editor, Courtney directs and collaborates with the JustLuxe Editorial Team who report from around the globe to ensure readers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise while visiting Over the years, Courtney has been published in The Huffington Post, Hotel Chatter, The Daily Meal, American Hard Assets and more.

Courtney is also a voice actress, you can hear her voice talent demos at

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