Starting the New Year With a Juice Reset: We Tested Pressed Juicery's 5-Day Plan

January may as well just be called Health Month. Almost everyone has at least one New Year’s resolution involving fitness. So it will come as no surprise that I also made the decision to make this year healthier than ever, and to jump start the effort I decided to press the “reset” button, courtesy of Pressed Juicery in Los Angeles. For this particular juice fast, I had the opportunity to test out Cleanse 2, for five days. 

First of all, a juice cleanse—especially one of this length—should not be limited to the liquid program. Prepping and easing back out of the fast is paramount if you want to make it worth it and save yourself from hating life by day two. As this was a true kick off for 2015, starting on New Year's Day every food item that touched my lips was clean and cooked from scratch; no prepackaged or processed foods, no preservatives or chemicals of any kind and I limited liquids to water, sparkling mineral water and herbal tea. Starchy carbs, alcohol, dairy, caffeine and red meat were also off-limits. By the fifth I had eased into a fully vegan raw diet and had effectively already started to “detox.” 

Now, I should preface this with saying that I am not a stranger to juicing. I own a juicer and use it fairly frequently, I have also purchased pre-made cleanse packages before. So how it made me feel was no real surprise. Most newbies will assume that juicing is gross or leaves you feeling starving. Neither are true in my experience. In fact I found Citrus 2 (apple, lemon, pineapple, mint) so sweet, I reached out to Pressed Juicery to inquire if it could be swapped out with something else. Unfortunately that was not possible, so instead I found myself watering it down. In the end this actually felt like I got a bonus juice out of the deal. (On a side note, the video above takes a humorous look at “juicers,” and I find myself in the funny position of being one these people right around the 1:07 mark.) 

Courtney Driver

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