Beauty Myths Revealed

"Old Wives Tales"...little bits of beauty advice passed down from our mothers and grandmothers for generations. If you combine these tales with other false, modern day tips, you have a swirling conversation of misinformed beauty advice. Read on to learn which commonly shared tips are untrue - you might even lighten the load of your beauty routine!

Myth: "Cleanse your face twice a day."

Truth: Over-cleansing strips your complexion of vital nutrients and increases oil production. Your face only needs to be cleaned once a day, at bed time. Rinsing your face in the morning and following with moisturizer will give you a freshened palette to apply makeup.

Myth: Once hair gets to a certain length, it stops growing.

Truth: Hair grows a half inch per month. It stops growing when there are split ends which become too weakened to grow further. So if you want your hair to grow, get your quarterly trim! To keep you length, ask your stylist to "tip" your ends, meaning "cut of the split ends, but don't cut the length."

Myth: You must use skincare products all from the same line.

Truth: Use products from many different lines! There are so many wonderful products out there, it is a shame to commit yourself to one line for all of your needs. No damage will occur to your skin unless you are using a prescription line (such as items containing Retinol). If that's the case, research a bit before you mix and match.

Myth: A shiny t-zone is indicative of oily skin.

Truth: Shiny cheeks are indicative of oily skin. A shiny t-zone alone shows balance in skin.

Myth: Hypo-allergenic products are the best for your skin.

Truth: All products are subject to allergy testing prior to being put on the market. The term "Hypoallergenic" is not much more than a marketing ploy - but if it makes you feel better...

Myth: Long hair creates a younger appearance.

Truth: Long hair can actually make you look older if it is permanently damaged (an unfortunate part of aging), doesn't suit your style, or if you have fine hair.

Myth: You should not color your hair while pregnant.

Truth: Like everything involving your body when you are pregnant, always consult your physician first. That said, there are many coloring products that are safe to use when pregnant. Just research with both your physician and a professional colorist prior to applying hair color.

Myth: Nails are destroyed after wearing acrylic or other fake nails.

Truth: Natural nails can become weak and begin to peel when taken off without properly soaking them. Once fake nails are removed properly, your natural nails should return to their natural state almost immediately.

Myth: Follow your brow bone when shaping brows.

Truth: There are many different shapes that suit one face, talk it over with your aesthetician before shaping your brows.

Myth: Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker.

Truth: When you shave, it cuts the hair at a sharp angle, this will cause it to appear darker or more coarse.

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