La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion Must-Have Summer Skincare

As spring officially turns into summer, have you noticed a difference in your skin? Changing climates and added environmental stresses take a toll on the skin that many products cannot combat. Cellular Power Infusion from La Prairie, however, is the perfect transitional product for these issues, helping you go from season to season with nary a flaw in sight.

La Prairie has been on a "quest for perfect skin" for over 50 years. The Swiss line takes a scientific approach to beauty and has developed an amazing array of anti-aging products that fight signs of aging on a cellular level.

The newest addition to the La Prairie line is Cellular Power Infusion, a one-of-a-kind product containing La Prairie's "Intensive Cellular Power Complex," a milestone in skincare research that actually reclaims lost youth and beauty by tapping into skin's homeostasis, ensuring that it doesn't age. Cellular Power Infusion is a leading scientific breakthrough in cellular communication, impacting every aspect of the skin's process to dramatically slow the progression of aging.

Dr. Sven Gohla, Vice President of Research and Development for La Prairie explains, "The breakthrough with Cellular Power Infusion centers around the development of a tri-fold approach, to simultaneously treat the three key factors of aging - loss of energy, handicapped functionality of skin cells and weakened quality of the skin tissue - at the same pace."

Each factor of aging is fought with scientifically proven ingredients. Swiss Snow Algae helps increase cellular energy to protect against environmental stress and attack by free radicals, while an exclusive Skin Renewal Peptide helps to activate the skin's own system for repair. Phyto Stem Cell extract from red grape skins helps to reactivate skin cells and maintain their stem cell characteristics while Skin Renewal Peptide supports skin cell activity. La Prairie's Cellular Complex stimulates the skin's natural ability to moisturize and energize with nutrients that encourage prime skin functioning.

The Tissue Guidance Matrix in Cellular Power Infusion's solution supports the rebuilding of skin tissue, which declines with age and stresses on the skin. Other key ingredients include Panthenol, Glycerol and Sodium Hyaluronate to moisturize, Grape Seed Extract to protect against stress and reduce redness, Carica Papaya Fruit Extract to soften skin and Lepidium SatiVum Extract to prevent DNA damage.

While moisturizers work only on the skin's surface, cellular serums work deeper to combat aging on the cellular level. Cellular Power Infusion is divided into two phases to maximize the power of the active ingredients. First, you activate the accelerant, waiting to inject it into the clear serum until it changes color and you hear a click.

After mixing with the serum, wait for it to settle into a lilac tone before applying to the face, neck and décolleté and then let it dry before carrying on with the rest of your skincare regimen. Use the treatment two times a day, for one full cycle (between 28-40 days, depending on the needs of your skin); then once every three months, depending on stress levels and travel.

Four vials of Cellular Power Infusion carry you through one cycle, making four cycles per year. But after just one month plus of daily usage, your skin will look brighter and fresher. As the Cellular Power targets the three factors of aging - energy level, cell level, tissue level - your skin will begin to revitalize from the inside out.

Along with the arrival of summer also comes wedding season. Cellular Power is a great way to energize your skin for the big day - whether you are a guest at the event or walking down the aisle - making it an essential must-have for summer skincare.

Carly Zinderman

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