Saving My Strands with Consciously Crafted umanos

The Marine Greens Hair Care Collection by umanos

After suffering more than a month of excessive (and traumatic) hair shedding, I sought answers. Was the hair loss due to diet? Hormones? Jet lag? The physical stress of a torn rotator cuff? (Thank you pickleball.) Or maybe it was simply environmental factors, such as the abnormal heat experienced within my typically fog-laden Bay Area hometown. Whatever the mysterious cause, I knew that a change in my hair care routine was necessary. Enter umanos, a new, Seattle based self-care brand of elevated, eco-friendly products that are kind and gentle to both the user and the environment. 

umanos’ hair care collection (The Marine Greens) is free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or many other ingredients found in more conventional and harsh products. Inspired by the endless coastlines of the Pacific Northwest, the Marine Green shampoo and conditioner are made from 100% clean and plant-based ingredients and a unique blend of seaweed superfoods that deliver 65+ vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. 

And, umanos products leave a lighter impact on the planet. Each is designed with sustainable materials, eliminating single-use plastics, and each is tested to the highest standards to ensure quality and efficacy. Each is manufactured in the US in a solar-powered facility, where every step is thoughtfully considered—from development to packaging to shipping. And with each purchase, 1% is donated to clean water access efforts in developing countries. 

“The Marine Greens Collection was designed to fit the needs of conscious consumers looking for cleaner, more sustainable products, but with a higher-end product experience,” said Alisha Stephens, founder of umanos. “Healthy, high-performing, and more environmentally friendly was what drove the development and I am excited to see the products making their way into people’s everyday routines.”  

While the origin of my hair loss continues to be a mystery, I know that with use of The Marine Greens hair care products my precious strands are receiving the gentlest of care, and that is more than comforting. Who couldn’t use a little more comfort in their daily life? 

The Marine Greens collection is from $24 and sold at select retailers across the country and here.

Photos courtesy of umanos 


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