Unique Furniture from KKF Embodies Minimalist Elegance

Home Decor: Focusing on design and functionality, the Unique range from KFF concentrates on the essential.

Designed to fit into modern surroundings, the Unique table and chair ensemble is centered purely on design and functionality. Unique is the result of a collaboration with Detlef Fischer, Guido Franzke's partner at formmodul.

"We have dispensed with everything that is not absolutely necessary" is how Guido Franzke from formmodul explains the design-principle of the new chair and table ensemble Unique.

The table and chair are polished aluminum and can be made into any shade with a colored coating. Customers can choose a lino option in five warm earth hues or in oak and walnut as solid heart wood top, respectively in veneer. A finish in pigmented white is also possible. The table is available in varying fixed lengths, as well as an optional extendable design, making it the perfect fit for urban modern dwellings and small spaces.

"Pure in its design statement, but skillfully reduced in its form just like the matching chair," is how the dynamic duo is summed up by Guido Franzke.

Carly Zinderman

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