BG Art Jewelry Atelier Crafts Royally Couture Bridal Rings

A successful marriage is a constantly developing union between two people as they hopefully evolve together throughout the years. One of the more unfortunate feelings to occur is for either person to feel “stuck.” As makers of fine luxury bridal jewelry, the team at BG Art Jewelry Atelier incorporates this ambition into the design of its new stackable, couture bridal ring series — the Crown Collection. They have replaced the traditional wedding band and simple add-ons with handcrafted, interchangeable styles so that the ring can change and grow along with the marriage.

Tina Stewart

With a degree in English, Tina is originally from the East Coast, having lived many years in NYC. A recent transplant to California, she is excited to explore the many restaurants and outdoor adventures SoCal has to offer. Besides reading, she spends much of her free time practicing martial arts. ...(Read More)

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