Nico Gerard's Pinnacle Line is Like the Mullet of Watches—In a Really Good Way

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Ever since the first Apple Watches were released, there’s been an ongoing debate about the preference for smart or traditional timepieces. Some say wearable tech is the natural progression of an advancing society, while others suggests it pollutes the tradition of horology. Personally, we love them all, and we’re not alone—even luxury watchmaker Nico Gerard has created a timepiece for those who enjoy, or can’t decide between, both. His new Pinnacle pieces have two watch faces, a traditional dial in the front and Apple Watch screen on the back—we like to think of it as the stylish mullet of timekeeping.

Nico Gerard Pinnacle

The California-based horologist created the new line as a way to combine luxury watches with new smart watches, though he may have taken the idea of merging the two together a little too literally. While there are some glaring issues with a piece like this—mainly the additional bulk, added weight and annoyance of constantly having to turn your wrist this way and that just to use the dual dials, we have to commend him for the idea. It’s simple and straightforward, even if it is a little awkward.

Nico Gerard Pinnacle

But unless you simply can’t be bothered to flick your wrist when you need to send an email or text, these little issues definitely aren’t deal breakers. It actually opens up your options. Coming in three colorways, the line offers the black and stainless steel Nico Gerard’s Pinnacle, the navy and stainless steel Skyview Pinnacle, and the red and 18-karat gold Sunrise Pinnacle. Each Swiss-made timepiece is outfitted with a traditional watch with NG2824A movement, certified by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, and comes with an Apple Watch or Apple Watch Edition.

Nico Gerard Pinnacle

Both the Skyview Pinnacle and Sunrise Pinnacle are limited-edition with only 99 and 88 pieces available respectively. Priced from $9,300 to $112,000 with a $200 to $500 reservation, these watches are currently in pre-order and will be arriving to customers in 10 to 12 months.

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