The Ultimate Hybrid Smartwatch


Fitness trackers are becoming more and more popular as the market of people that want to get in better shape grows. Many of the current smartwatches on the market are not very discreet. They are designed to look like sports watches. However, some consumers are more interested in a design that looks like an everyday watch. This way, you get the same awesome features with a more sophisticated design.

A few companies have designed these hybrid smartwatches, but the Garmin Vivomove HR outshines all the rest. The sleek appearance makes it look like an everyday average watch at first. But when you take a closer look, you see that the watch has an incredibly discreet display that will only appear when you tap the watch face. Within this display you will be able to see a lot of activity tracking data. Users can check their heart rate, view notifications and even check stress levels. The watch is waterproof as well, so you do not have to worry about taking it off before jumping in. The battery life is two weeks in watch mode and five days if you are taking advantage of all features.

Garmin makes this watch in designs for both men and women. This impressive timepiece will not disappoint. It puts a stylish twist on the practicality of smartwatches.





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