Create a Luxurious Family Heirloom

Have you ever wished there was a family heirloom that could be passed down from generation-to-generation? A family heirloom engagement ring is one of the most endearing and sentimental treasures one can leave. It will be loved and worn by your children, children’s children and beyond.

Even if you never have children, leaving behind something of value and beauty for a special friend or relative is beyond heartwarming and means you will be remembered for a long, long time. Imagine the stories, sentiments, and fun they will have as they reminisce your life. It is a priceless experience that transcends simple estate belongings because it was intentionally created by you as an heirloom.

If you are already married and considering upgrading your engagement ring, now is also a perfect time to create a family heirloom that you can enjoy for the rest of the ride. Make it luxuriously yours; let it be a creation that embodies the spirit of your love.


If the idea sounds too intricate, discard that concern and get your creative juices flowing. Start by developing a vintage ring look-book. Review magazines and online resources to get a better idea of the metals, stones, and settings that speak to you. The more luxurious the design, the more excited you will become, knowing your exquisite taste will be worn by a select few.

Your Vintage Look-Book

Getting swayed by current contemporary trends is probably going to result in a design that may not go the distance. Instead check out vintage jewelry sites and posts, such as those on Pinterest and Instagram. Be sure to earmark your favorites in all categories. You may spot a design you love but prefer an emerald over a diamond or yellow gold over platinum. The surest way to know what you love is to shop around. Even spotting what you don’t like will help determine preferences and help isolate your ideal elements.

Discuss your Options

Once you are closer to selecting your options, there’s nothing better than consulting with an experienced artisan who specializes in customizing rings.

“There’s more to a luxury engagement ring than meets the eye. If you really want to feel that luxurious supernatural hum then consider these three things: a center stone to live for, the ring’s unique design and top craftsmanship,” suggests pro jewelry designer Lisa Krikawa.

The majority of engagement rings use white diamonds as the centerpiece, however, in the last decade, fancy colored diamonds and other rare stones have made their way to the top of the wedding ring scene. Additionally, while platinum has become one of the most used metals for engagement rings, consider applying mixed metals. A creation that is somewhat eclectic will be loved by all future wearers.

The Digital Design

Jewelers that are highly experienced in creating custom designed rings use digital tools, such as MCAD, which can display every angle of the design plus make revisions again and again before it is turned into a 3-dimensional sculptured masterpiece. So work with a jeweler who can render and revise your concept before a 3D wax mold is generated. Once the mold is finished, the ring will be cast in precious metals. A company that is strong in customized rings will have an on-staff master goldsmith who sets the stone and tends to all of the fine details. To make it genuinely personal and memorable add an inscription on the inside band.

Voila! The Elegant Result!

By doing your homework and working with an artistic and seasoned jeweler, your vision will result in a masterpiece that will be a part of your family’s history forever.

Sandra Faleris

Sandra holds a B.B.A. in Business, Marketing and Advertising. Her 30 years of expertise includes writing, branding and marketing strategy specializing in the following industries: luxury, beauty, health/wellness, self-improvement, financial and digital marketing. A world traveler, Sandra finds other cultures fascinating, inspirational and an incredible reality check. ...(Read More)

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