Temple St. Clair: New Odyssey Collection - Exclusive JustLuxe Preview

Fine Jewelry: Known for its modern yet classic style, Temple St. Clair is set to launch its Fall 2010 Odyssey Collection. However, before it does, the luxury jeweler offers an exclusive preview to JustLuxe, and we couldn’t be more impressed.

The new collection, which was designed to take us on an odyssey from East to West, drew its inspiration from the richness of the Persian Empire to the ancient city of Troy. While incorporating the 19th century love of Orientalism, the Odyssey Collection takes us east of the Mediterranean, where Turkey meets the Middle East, according to designer Temple St. Clair.

“The collection is inspired by the silk route, where travelers from different cultures exchanged their knowledge and treasures,” says Temple. “It also recalls late 19th century Victorian travelers who adopted styles such as the gypsy rings from their explorations of Asia Minor.”

From rock crystal amulets adorned with sultry evil eyes, to Victorian-inspired gypsy rings, the Odyssey Collection features a unique blend of two cultures. Highlights of the collection include signature golden amphora vessels reminiscent of Ancient Greece, as well as exquisitely rare rubies, emeralds and sapphires in the rich colors of the Persian Empire.

“These objects symbolize the trade items that connected both cultures,” says Temple.

Among Temple's favorite pieces in the collection she describes as “the jewels that you might find in a modern Helen of Troy’s jewel box,” is a limited edition 18 karat drop necklace with natural aquamarine, peridot and blue moonstone.

“Another favorite is my latest rock crystal amulet with the evil eye. I have always wanted to do an evil eye and this was the perfect collection for it,” says Temple. “The evil eye is whimsical with a blue sapphire iris and diamond and gold granulated eyelashes!”

According to Temple, the Odyssey Collection is about travel, adventure and a sense of discovery. As both a designer and world traveler, Temple makes an effort to travel to the source of her inspiration, whenever possible.

“This time, it was more of my drawing on my own travels and experience, from the Turkish coast to the eastern borderlands of Turkey combined with my knowledge of the history, art and architecture and legend of Ancient Greece,” says Temple.

With richly colored gems and carefully crafted gold work, the Odyssey collection is not only contemporary, but also strongly reminiscent of a more romantic era.

“I think it will appeal to a woman who is looking for something strong and individual, yet with an appeal for the exotic – a woman who wants something with a story,” says Temple.

The Odyssey Collection is expected to hit the shelves August 16 and will be available at luxury department stores, as well as online at Temple St. To view the entire line, visit Temple St. Clair on Facebook.

18K Persia Earring with ruby and diamond $6,100
18K Ottoman Earring with white sapphire, emerald, royal blue moonstone and diamond $9,850
18K Evil Eye Pendant with blue sapphire and royal blue moonstone $1,950
18K Rock Crystal Anfora Amulet with diamond $3,250
18K Crown Ring with royal blue moonstone, emerald and diamond $22,500
18k Classic Pear Drop Necklace with aquamarine, peridot, royal blue moonstone and diamond $45,000
18K Pear Drop Cuff with royal blue moonstone, ruby and diamond $42,000
Temple St. Clair

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