Fit For a Spy: Suitart's Diamond Armor Suit Is Taking Technology to the Next Level

Diamond Armor Suit

Photos Courtesy of Suitart

At JustLuxe it’s fairly common to see some of the most extravagant, luxurious and rare items in the world, from luxury yachts to opulent jewelry to exotic locales. So when we hear the (surprisingly overused) phrase “most expensive ‘something’ in the world” we usually give a derisive snort, a bit of an eye roll and joke that it better be made of gold and diamonds. Only this time we wouldn’t be far off. Suitart, a new brand in Zurich, has designed what they are calling, Diamond Armor, a custom suit that is waterproof, bulletproof, outfitted with a cooling system and covered in 880 black diamonds. Cue the Bond music.


Ranked a level II by NATO in protection classification, the body armor is created in cooperation with Croshield, a luxury developer of ballistic protection equipment. Made using the lightest and newest technology, the suit is designed to protect against handguns and is generally best recommended for concealable wear. So in case you get in a shootout with your nemesis, you’re covered—unless of course they’re some type of mad scientist with a fancy new laser gun—then you’re on your own.

For spies men that have business in warmer climates, you’ll never have to sweat in your suit again; the active cooling system will actually air condition the Diamond Armor suit at the touch of a button. Using “the humidification of water,” the integrated technology will cool down the wearer making those overseas trips to Dubai or Singapore much more bearable.

Diamond Armor Suit

While we wouldn’t recommend you take any plunges into the sea (we have no idea how buoyant all this cool technology is), a little red wine is nothing for this waterproof suit. The top layer of fabric uses nanotechnology to keep the textiles finely textured and resistant to dirt and stains, but take note—the silk lining is not as well protected. Printed with the Unidad Molecular Aleatoria artwork by artist Luciano Goizueta, the lining is signed by the artist and contains images of the pieces used in the film This Means War. So try not to spill.

Diamond Armor Suit

With 880 black diamonds embedded onto the lapel and buttons, the Diamond Armor makes its name with 140 carats of glittering jewels. The lapels use 600 diamonds with a diameter of four millimeters each while the Swiss-watch, steel buttons are decorated in an additional 280 stones. And if someone wants to rob you of all the bling on full display across your chest, then lucky for you—the suit is bulletproof.

Diamond Armor Suit

And to top off your fancy new digs a tie is included, made of 24-karat-gold silk (how boring would it be if it was only made of regular silk?). Using EMPA technology the thread is permanently imbued with gold and will keep its color, shape and metallic consistency even after multiple wears and washes. Sure, this suit seems almost ridiculous, but when you’re an international man of mystery/super villain/ businessman it’s practically a necessity. We’ll keep an eye out for any new upgrades that might include a jet-pack or speaker system.

The Diamond Armor suit is available by appointment at Suitart and priced at £1.9 million  (approx. $3.2 million).

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