We Just Found the World's Most Accomplished Tie—No, Seriously

Young & Brash Everest tie

Photos Courtesy of Young & Brash

There’s something about having a luxury designer tie—the kind of tie that shows taste, luxury and style—the only problem is every other man is thinking the same thing. And despite the financial exclusivity of Ermenegildo Zenga or Stefano Ricci ties, they are available at any Neiman Marcus, so one day you might find yourself playing twinsies with Bob down in marketing—and nobody wants that. So to fix your neckwear woes, the guys at Young & Brash have designed the perfect tie for the stylish go-getter; they’re calling it The World’s Most Accomplished Tie. Sure, it’s a bit of a mouthful and immediately challenges anyone to try to find an even better tie just to prove them wrong, but it looks like they actually hit the mark with this one.

Young & Brash Everest tie

The World’s Most Accomplished Tie is actually made from a snowsuit that has made it to the summit of Mount Everest. And we’re not sure about you, but we definitely haven't done anything that amazing. The snowsuit has been reconstructed into 200 limited-edition ties that are set in Italian wool and handcrafted to be truly unique pieces. “Ties these days are a dime a dozen,” said Micah Dyer, Founder and President of Young & Brash. “I wanted to create something that was truly one of a kind and I would be proud to show off.”

Young & Brash Everest tie

The material comes from the snowsuit of David Morton, an adventurer that has been to the summit of Mount Everest six times (no big deal, right?). Aside from being a highly respected guide, he is also the founder of The Juniper Fund, a non-profit that helps individuals and families affected by their work in the adventuring industry—which is not as glamorous as Indiana Jones might make it seem. In their partnership with Morton, a portion of the tie’s proceeds go to The Juniper Fund so you can feel great about your style choice. Besides, until they contact NASA to create a tie that’s been to space, this really is The World’s Most Accomplished Tie.

The World’s Most Accomplished Tie is available at Young & Brash online and priced at $400.

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