Joshua Kane: British Tailoring's Enfant Terrible

White men may, or may not, jump, but tailors definitely don’t skateboard. It’s not normal to do a fashion interview in a skate park, but then 31-year-old designer Joshua Kane, is not normal. He is to British tailoring what Jimi Hendrix was to the guitar. He gives this precise form of craftsmanship a skate punk attitude, mastering, and then free-styling over, techniques and traditions. Creators of bespoke tailoring are traditionally a high priesthood whose names are only known to a small group of cognoscenti. They create their art in small rooms off Savile Row that smell of tweed and chalk.

I just watched Kane do an Ollie on a customized skateboard in a cashmere suit and a fedora: that alone revolutionizes British tailoring, cutting through any preconceived ideas that a modern chap might have about bespoke suits being just for posh dads.


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Since Kane set up shop in Spitalfields Market three years ago, he has channeled his hero Beau Brummell and has taken the bespoke tailoring world by storm. His collections are high tailoring with flourishes of decadent steam punk Victoriana. Kane’s sensibility is redefining London’s resurgent male fashion scene. His successful circle of friends are drawn from across the creative industries: actors, models, social media heroes, musicians, photographers. They are photographed in his suits, are part of the shows, have healthy social media followings, and together they help define the new energy in British menswear.

Jessica Hines

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