Essential Gadgets For The Modern Adventurer Dad

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Father’s Day is that amazing time each year when we get to celebrate, the fathers and grandfathers, the wonderful people who played a father’s role in our lives and all the people who supported us along the way. Yet no matter how extraordinary the love it, it might be difficult to find the perfect gift for the modern adventurer dad, the dad who does it all, the one who’s always running around fixing things, but always has time for a chat or family dinner. We gathered the perfect gadgets that are guaranteed to make him happy and add a little something to his life.

For the dad who loves to cook

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Breakfast has never been easier with the Calphalon IntelliCrisp™ Waffle Maker. With a ceramic cooking surface that makes cooking faster and it’s super easy to clean, the Calphalon IntelliCrisp™ Waffle Maker is guaranteed to deliver the crispiest and fluffiest waffles, whether dad is in the mood for a breakfast delight or he wants  to step up his lunch game with chicken and waffles. It’s also the perfect gadget to try unusual creations such as cheese or pizza waffles as the ceramic surface is non-sticky and easy to clean.

Photo by Calphalon

On the other hand the Calphalon Quartz-Heat Countertop Oven is a multifunctional tool that will allow dad to create anything, from the perfectly cooked pizza to beef jerky with the dehydrator more or try his hand at dessert with amazing cupcakes and brownies.

For the dad who loves a good workout

Whether dad loves hitting the gym or he’s rather be outdoors hitting the trails, these items will be the perfect companions.

Photo by Polar

The Polar Vantage M is the perfect running and multisport watch for any dad who loves training and setting new records. It’s lightweight design makes it a great companion for any type of activity and classy enough to be worn for the rest of the day as well. It also allows for easy switch between sporty and woven bands or pretty much any band out there that uses 22mm spring bars so dad can make it as rugged or as classy as he wants.

Photo by LARQ

To keep dad hydrated during his workouts, LARQ has created the first self-cleaning water bottle that uses UV-C light to neutralize odors as well as 99.9% of the bacteria. Its slick design makes it easy to carry around and its technology makes it self activate every 2 hours to keep the water and the bottle super clean.

Photo by Jaybird

The Jaybird Tarah Pro Wireless Sport Headphones will keep dad entertained wherever his workouts take him. Extremely durable and weatherproof with industry-leading battery life, the Tarah Pro is inspired by the demands of athletes looking for their next adventure. Featuring 14 hours of playtime, these headphones are guaranteed to last through any adventure, creating a crisp, clear and uncompromising soundtrack for your adventure, with fully adjustable EQ in the Jaybird app.

For the dad who’s always on the go

Photo by Solo NY

There are few backpacks out there that offer the versatility and the endurance of Solo NY Region Backpack. With its clean design, a fully padded 15.6' laptop compartment, interion organizer section, quick access pocket, and side mesh pockets, the Region Backpack is the perfect companion for the dad on the go.

Photo by Gravity

For the dad who’s a troubled sleeper and he’s always on the go, Gravity has created the ultimate travel blanket with the Gravity On The Go, a blanket that’s perfect for work trips, vacations, or just a quick getaway. The therapeutic weighted blanket is encased in a duvet cover made of faux tencel, a breathable fabric that’s suitable for all climates and easy to spot clean and wipe down during travel. The blanket even comes with its own carrying case to bring it along on any adventure.

For the dad who’s a homebody

Maybe your dad is not the ultimate adventurer, always on the go and always on to the next thing, maybe he’s more of a homebody who always wants to make sure that everything is perfect at home.

Photo by Ultimate Ears

The Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 wireless Bluetooth® speaker creates powerful and immersive 360° sound for every home. It’s also water, dust and drop proof, encased in stunning high-performance fabric. Featuring 20 hours of battery life, it will keep dad entertained whether it’s a family gathering or he’s listening to his favorite music by the pool.

Photo by August

There are few things more important in life for a dad than knowing that his family is safe. And that’s where the August Smart Pro + Connect comes in. It’s the ultimate smart lock for any home allowing family members to lock and unlock the door from anywhere as well as track who’s coming and going. It automatically unlocks the door when you arrive home and locks it when you leave to make sure that everything stays safe and dad doesn’t have to go searching for his keys ever again.

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