The Ultimate DadBod Gift Set

Photo Credit: Dollar Shave Club

Father’s day is around the corner, and this means that we’re looking for items that will bless the male parentals in our lives. In an age where man buns, scruff, beards, dad bods, and many more masculine mantras might saturate our society, it requires effort and style to maintain these dude demarkers. Dollar Shave Club has produced the ultimate DadBod Gift Set for your father’s smell-good, look-good and feel-good needs, and we think you should consider getting one. There are many items in this kit, and while we enjoyed sifting through each bottle and container, we’re going to pick out a few of the 10 components of this kit that shine above the rest. It’s worth noting that we at JustLuxe tested the scents of each product on a few different noses, all of which found the assorted aromas to be rather pleasing. Producing well-scented toiletries is increasingly a rare result these days, but Dollar Shave Club has done a good job here.

Wanderer, Dollar Shave Club

The Wanderer 2-in-1 Face and Body Wash in the set needs to receive similar kudos for the scent of Awakening Mint & Cedarwood. A few of us experienced this gel’s aura, and all whom did were pleased and seemed enlightened. Washing your visage is good; creating a clean, aromatic space for your face is heavenly.

Wanderer, Dollar Shave Club

The Wanderer 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner in the DadBod Gift Set needs to receive some kudos for its scent: Sage & Black Pepper. Not only does it smell like the pure, refined essence of fresh, unadulterated man, but it has strong ingredients to keep your Dadmiral’s head smelling great all day.

Wanderer, Dollar Shave Club

The Big Cloud Good Shake Hand Cream is the perfect cream for your father’s hands (and yours too of course). This cream reminds us of what one might smell like after bathing in a tub full of exquisite mahogany extract, and it duplicitously smooths out the day’s stresses from the wrists and fingers.

Opening this gift set left us with the impression of what Christmas would feel like if it was only for dads. Do yourself a favor and think about getting all your favorite fathers one of these.

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