16 Luxury Father's Day Gifts That He Will Love

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and you are in a quandary. How can I best surprise dad with something special for Father’s Day? Gift cards lack the personal touch, so you are really looking for a gift that he will show off at any function and get the most use out of. From what is new in tech, something special for home or something for dad to enjoy in the great outdoors, any gift from this list will surely put a smile on dad’s face. So, if you are still looking for that special gift for dad, see the list below, organized in price descending order.

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If dad wants to relive his glory years rocking out at concerts, Syng Cell Alpha ($1,799) presents a revolution in home audio as the world’s first Triphonic – a three-horn system - speaker. Transforming any space into a fully immersive concert experience, this speaker delivers clear, detailed and deep sound at any volume. The speaker is able to virtualize any speaker array and accurately spatialize sound for your room and allows the user to put sound literally wherever they want and shrink it, move it, magnify it and layer it. Easy to control and available to purchase with floor or table stands, the device connects to their intuitive app, Syng Space, which offers full control of your Cell.

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When dad is yearning for a luxury spa experience from the comfort of his home, the Osaka Rigid Foam Hot Tub ($1,299.99) is sure to leave a lasting impression. Featuring 120 powerful built-in massaging jets, the premium 6-person spa can comfortably seat all the family, ensuring everyone feels truly comfortable and relaxed. Prioritizing eco-friendly insulation, the Osaka’s foam core is specially designed to retain heat and save energy. The jacuzzi, dressed in distressed leather, has configurable temperature settings, able to heat up to 104°F. Its rejuvenating massaging system will provide the perfect hydro-massage to soothe tight, tense muscles and ease any aches or pains. Included in the box, alongside the easy to assemble spa, is the heater unit, an inflation hose, a heat-retaining cover and groundsheet, two filters and filter housing. Accessories, such as inflatable headrests and seat cushions, can also be purchased to add a little extra indulgence to your spa sessions.

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ENSEMBL’s Stackware collection gives dad the confidence to be the best chef in their own kitchen. The Stackware Full6 ($1,029) provides dad with the perfect balance of form and function for a new high quality nesting cookware collection. Great for those living in minimalist spaces, or for those who just want to stay perfectly organized, the six-piece collection is engineered for modern living. The intuitive flat-lying lid stays upright while cooking and is pushed flat for storage while their secure removable handles are easy-to-use and allow for the pots and pans to stack on top of each other. 

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Known as the flagship of fun by Bote Board, the HD Aero Inflatable Paddle Board ($999.00) is a great gift for dads who love to be on the water. Available in five distinct designs, this board is easy-to-use thanks to its grab-and-go design perfect for spontaneous weekend getaways or just a chill day at the beach. A recreational dream on the water measuring at 11’6”, this board weighs about 30lbs (48 lbs in the packed bag) and has the capacity to hold up to 315lbs. Equipped with their inflatable AeroBOTE Technology, the HD aero takes only minutes to pump to full capacity with its hand pump. The board comes with a three-piece adjustable SUP paddle, a 10″ removable Aero center fin, a pair of slide-in Aero RAC receivers, a repair kit and travel bag. The do-everything-board’s wide base and military-grade PVC skin makes it ready for any adventure while allowing it to be customized to each users’ needs. 

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For the hard-working dad who has been spending more and more time in his home office, the X2 K-Sport Mgmt Heat & Massage Chair ($899) from X-Chair boasts the latest in technology and design. As the world’s first office chair boasting heat and massage technology, dad can now ensure his workstation is as ergonomic and comfortable as possible, so he can stay productive and healthy. Available in four fabric colors with optional headrest ($90), footrest ($30) and three types of wheels ($49.99, $54.99 and $74.99), X-Chair’s dynamic variable lumbar support will adjust itself to dad’s body every time he moves. Combining 10 ergonomic fit features and heating capabilities, the dynamic massage chair exerts a constant or variable massage cycle for four massage program combinations.

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Brand new to the market, only going on sale May 4th, Therabody’s RecoveryAir pneumatic compression boots (RecoveryAir $699, RecoveryAir PRO $1,299), presenting its industry-leading, clinical pneumatic leg compression technology to all dads. As dad’s body requires its own level of care as he gets older, RecoveryAir is a passive treatment allowing him to sit, read, watch tv, and relax while the technology does the work for you. The FDA-approved, Class II medical-grade device is scientifically validated to reduce muscle fatigue, soreness, swelling, inflammation, and increase overall circulation through clinical pneumatic compression. The RecoveryAir provides simplified advanced compression while the RecoveryAir PRO adds other functionality which includes: wireless smart control, guided treatment programs and the ability to seamlessly connect to the Therabody app to get personalized pneumatic compression programs.

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For the dad who's still a kid at heart and wants to have fun while on the go, Jetson's Globe Folding Electric Scooter ($699) is the perfect gift this Father's Day. Great for dads who commute to work or for dads who just want to have fun and keep up with their kids in the neighborhood. The Globe electric scooter has a top speed of 15.5mph and has a range of up to 15 miles on a single charge. Weighing only 39lbs, the folding mechanism makes it easy to carry and compact enough to store at home or under any work desk.

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Rise Gardens allows dad to take care of his garden, indoors with no hassle. The indoor Wi-Fi-connected, hydroponic indoor garden that's perfect for health-conscious and/or foodie dads, connects to the companies guided app which gives step-by-step instructions to grow a flourishing garden. For the diehard, garden-loving dads, the Family Garden modular system offers three-level options (starting at $549) and the ability to add trellises, microgreens trays and stands allowing for vining and rooted crops. Rise is the only modular, connected, consumer hydroponic system and its modular add-on features will enable dad to grow vining crops, rooted plants and microgreens with ease.

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Give dad the feel of a barbershop shave with the Heated Razor with Sandalwood Bundle –($300) a collaboration between the Art of Shaving and GilletteLabs. Recently launched, the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs is the world's first heated razor delivering instant warmth at the push of a button. Providing the luxurious comfort of a hot towel shave, right at home, the heated razor maintains skin contact in order to give a smooth and comfortable shave. The collection includes The Art of Shaving’s Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream and Aftershave Balm, which creates a dynamic duo, combining to offer the perfect shave. 

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Give dad a much-needed hug every time he gets out of the shower or when he just wants to lounge on his favorite chair with Therarobe ($200) - the original weighted robe. The newest product in the weighted pressure marketplace, Therarobe is a patent-pending weighted robe designed to alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety. Its unique full wraparound construction mimics the effects of a hug and is crafted with an elegant design in a high-quality plush fabric. Available in a medium gray, the robe comes in four different weights (8lb, 12lb, 15lb and 17lb) and was designed to target pressure points that help relax muscles, reduce tension and elevate overall mood. Therarobe is now available on Brookstone as well as its own website.

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When dad needs to stay cool while still looking cool, Opolis introduced their Bio Collection with sunglasses built the way mother nature intended. Both lines in the collection Tribe and Largo ($188) are made from 100% plant-based acetate and an upcycled reinforced metal hinges and core, as well as high-quality lenses which are scratch resistant and ensure UVA/UVB polarized protection. Dads can now protect their eyes while feeling good by knowing that each pair is made from natural materials consisting of cotton seeds, red pulp, and hemp making this product biodegradable. Tribe is available in four distinct colors while Largo is available in two distinct colors.

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Create a steak-a-delic experience at home for Dad with the mouth-watering Father's Day Favorites ($159.99) steak package from industry leader Omaha Steaks. For a gift that he – and his stomach – are guaranteed to love, this package includes four of each: (10 oz.) Private Reserve Boneless New York Strips, (6 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops, (6 oz.) Brisket Burgers, (3 oz.) Gourmet Jumbo Franks, (2.88 oz.) Potatoes au Gratin and (4 oz.) Caramel Apple Tartlets as well as a (1 oz.) jar of Signature Seasoning. With a company rich in history and over 100 years of butcher experience, Omaha Steaks is America’s Original Butcher with beef sourced from Omaha which has been hand-chosen for integrity, quality, and marbling.

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When dad needs help warming up or cooling down after a workout, Therabody Wave Roller™ ($149) is the industry’s leading smart vibrating foam device. The device’s signature wave pattern increases blood flow, enhances mobility and releases tension any time providing relief for large muscle groups. The full-body roller manipulates tissue for more effective muscle stimulation with its asymmetrical/non-uniform design with two-and-half hours of battery life. This Bluetooth® enabled vibrating foam roller allows you to connect to the Therabody app which gives access to personalized routines with Therabody app integration.

(credit: The Spice House)

If dad considers himself to be a top chef or a master griller, he knows that the key to any special meal is the spices used to make the ordinary extraordinary. Enter Spice House, a purveyor of the finest spices with over 400 spices from all over the world with customers ranging from renowned Michelin-star chefs to home cooks everywhere. Starting with Kitchen Essentials ($75) which present a collection of herbs and spices which are a foundation for modern, gourmet home cooking, to their Essential Spices Collection ($130) perfect for serious cooks who appreciate fresh spices, dad will know he can tackle any recipe with ease. Then there is the The Spice Trader ($148) which includes premium, rare, and exquisite spices like Coupe Saffron and Cured Sumac which have journeyed from across the world to any kitchen. 

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Producing single malt Scotch whisky for dads and whisky-lovers alike since 1824, this year The Macallan invites dads to join Cask To Kitchen: The Macallan Culinary Master Class with the purchase of The Macallan on ReserveBar. Following the purchase of one of their whiskies ranging from 12-18 years, guests will receive an exclusive invitation to learn how to create elevated at-home food and whisky pairings. This one-of-a-kind, virtual experience co-hosted by a James Beard Foundation recognized chef and The Macallan, is available to the first 100 registrants. Participants will also receive access to The Macallan Culinary Pairing e-book curated by The Macallan and the world-renowned chefs. To enter, visit for more information.

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Give dad something that he will appreciate for more than just a moment with Fracture (prices up to $135). Choose your favorite photo with you and dad or the whole family, and the Florida-based e-commerce photo decor brand will print them directly onto glass in vivid color. The carbon-neutral company allows you to select the perfect photograph that tugs at pop's heartstrings and then brings the moment to life by having it printed on vibrant durable glass. The sleek, low-profile and modern frameless print comes ready to easily hang on dad’s wall with the screw they provide or show off on his desk with an optional stand or Storyboard floating shelf.

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